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Course Description:  Back to Top

Army Training Resource Requirements System (ATRRS) Course number is 191-830-F22.

This course is designed for currently employed government 0083 DA/DoD Police Officers. 

Scope:  It is an initial Army civilian police field certification course designed to enable DA/DoD Law Enforcement Agencies to better perform their Law Enforcement, Antiterrorism, Physical Security, and Force Protection missions.

Accredited through three agencies: Back to Top  

1. American Council of Education (ACE) with current credit recommendations of 10 semester hours (Effective Sept 2011)
2. Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA), (Effective April 2010)
3. Veterans Affairs---education benefit for eligible veterans (Effective June 30, 2009)

Questions and information concerning this course can be directed to the usarmy.leonardwood.mp-schl.mbx.dotfptd@mail.mil (Request you put the course name in the subject line).

Course Attendance Information with Expectations of the Student: CLICK HERE (Note: must have CAC access)