Course Description:

US Army Civilian Police Academy (USACPA) course number 191-830-F22.  This course is designed for currently employed government 0083 DA/DoD Police Officers and is a live-in academy, with no tuition costs, that trains police skills and first responder tactics.


This is a 10-week, resident course designed as the initial career-field certification program training to AR 190-56 and DoDI5525.15 standards for entry level DA Civilian Police Officers.  This course qualifies DA Civilian Police to perform their duties as force multipliers of the US Army Military Police by focusing on their unique, military-specific Law Enforcement mission.


1.This course requires students to participate fully in all practical examinations, to include but not limited to, the following: physical fitness endurance training to include, aerobic & anaerobic fitness training, flexing joints, defensive tactics to include impact weapons-unarmed self-defense training -ground fighting; ability to use & desirability of using firearms, firearms training including cleaning weapons in solvents, day & low light firearms skill training with Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (CCMCK) drills, training in all-weather while outdoors, weapons retention drills; Oleoresin Capsicum Level 1 contamination with LE officer survival/apprehension scenario stations; operation of a motor vehicle, use of specific visual & hearing requirements (IAW AR 190-56)- both eyes required, depth perception, ability to distinguish basic colors & shades of colors, heavy lifting (45 lbs. & over), use of both hands & use of both legs, reaching over shoulder, walking-crawling-running- bending-kneeling & standing for long periods of time as related to law enforcement & security duties.

     a. Students are required to pass all written and practical examinations and participate in course projects and assignments as individuals and as a team member. Successful completion of practical evaluations and meeting the academic standards are required for graduation of the academy.

      b. Students cannot attend if currently on any medical profile which limits their ability to fully participate in this physically demanding training. Students should have already taken and passed the primary PAT IAW AR 190-56.

2. Academy paperwork contains requirements and necessary information, to include but not limited to, DA Form 4856 for supervisor and student, ALERTS Training Account request and its requirements, suggestions for Unit timekeeping instructions to the student for recording time over 8 hours, preparation for physical fitness, etc.

     a. Obtain Academy paperwork for each new student, as it is subject to change, and may have class specific information due to temporary reporting location/time changes, FLW installation requirements, etc.

     b. To gain access to Academy paperwork, please submit the following information to the web link below.  Please NOTE the following:

1. Access is for personnel responsible for submitting student paperwork and permissions will not be granted for individual students.

2. This is not for individuals that are not currently employed as DACP’s or equivalent with reservations/wait status to attend.

    Give name, title, installation. phone number and reason to request access. USAMPS SHAREPOINT (CAC Required)

     c. Fort Leonard Wood’s homepage should be visited for current COVID information, FLW homepage.

Special Information:

Accredited through the following agencies:

 1. American Council of Education (ACE) with current credit recommendations of 10 semester hours (Effective Sept 2011)
2. Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA), (Effective April 2010)

Additionally, the Academy is approved for a Non-College Degree program with Veterans Affairs---education benefit for eligible veterans (Effective June 30, 2009)


·         Legal Studies

·         Law Enforcement Survival Skills

·         Use of Force and Apprehension

·         Law Enforcement Weapons

·         Patrol Activities

·         Investigations

·         Traffic Enforcement

·         Physical Security and Access Control

·         Emergency Vehicle Operations

·         Civil Disturbance

·         Active Threat Response

·         First Aid/CPR/AED/TCCC

·         Course​​ Exercise

Class Schedules:

To get the most up-to-date class schedule for this course follow these three easy steps at the ATRRS web site:

·         Enter the "Course Number" : 830-F22

·         Enter the MP "School Code": 191

·         Press the "Search the ATRRS Course Catalog" button.

Course Attendance Information with Expectations of the Student

The course is 10 weeks long, 440 hours (instruction & administrative).

·         Students will report on Sunday

·         Begin the course on Monday

·         Graduation on the last Friday

Questions and information concerning this course & attendance can be directed to Academy Administration.


Request course name in the subject line and include email address and phone number in the email.

Graduation Dates:

Graduation ceremonies will be held on the last Friday, of the course, at approximately 1100 hrs. Due to varying travel times, rental car returns, & heightened security requirements at airports; students should not plan early departures (prior to 1700 hours on the day of graduation) from either the Springfield or St. Louis airports.


Transportation Issues:

Transportation from the barracks to the Academy will be provided during the course.

Units are responsible for transportation of the student to & from Ft. Leonard Wood. Taxis & shuttles are available for off-duty transportation & government vehicles will be used to transport students to and from training areas. Rental cars for students are encouraged to be provided for weekends & holidays.

POV’s & Rental Vehicles are not authorized for transportation between the Barracks & the Academy campus or training sites unless otherwise stated in class specific Welcome Letter.

Where to Report/Billeting and Per Diem Issues/Packing List:

All can be found on the USAMPS SharePoint, Instructions can be found here on how to gain access.


(573) 596-2033

13351 East 20th Street, Bldg 1022