The DODPOST Commission:     Administer a professional commissioning/licensing program, which includes examination development and administration, licensure, and re-licensure. Develop, coordinate, and approve continuing education programs for LEOs. Work cooperatively with law enforcement trainers, educators and practitioners to develop in-service training programs.  Help organize Department of Defense level standards for LEO training through administration of best practices.  Develop learning objectives for and certify the Professional Peace Officer Education programs at participating colleges and universities.  Provide technical assistance to colleges, universities, state P.O.S.T., law enforcement agencies and other groups involved in the practice of law enforcement and law enforcement education.  Conduct studies and research projects that relate to DOD LEO education and the practice of law enforcement, security, investigations and their specialities.  Establish and implement professional policy standards of conduct for DOD LEOs.  Process allegations of professional misconduct by placing personnel in the NDI.