The DODPOST Commission administers a professional commissioning/licensing program, which includes course accreditation of basic law enforcement training courses and certification of law enforcement officers and intelligence analysts.  The Commission interacts with the Joint Security Chiefs and the House Armed Services Committee to rapidly engage in law enforcement, security and intelligence-related triggering events to produce a standardized remedy to complex and emerging developments. The Commission works cooperatively with law enforcement trainers, educators and practitioners around the country to develop training products that meet the needs of the Department of Defense and establish best practices throughout DoD POST-member agencies.  The Commission also works with various colleges and universities and State Peace Officer Standards and Training Commissions through its Office of Accreditation and Credentialing to identify learning objectives that are transportable through reciprocity programs and for degree completion. While each DoD POST agency remains autonomous in its mission focus, the agency Commissioners are able to interact to conduct studies and research projects in order to enhance capabilities and develop policies to continuously professionalizing their force.  Successful completion of DoD POST accreditation and certification processes is a liability inoculation instrument because it produces the highest norms of officer performance and behavior through training design, development, delivery, quality control and surveillance process.