Distinguished Member of the Corps



Colonel Robin K. Byrom


Colonel Robin K. Byrom served the U.S. Army for over 30 years as a Commissioned Officer and served for an additional 15 years as a Department of the Army Civilian. He had the singular distinction as Commanding the first Chemical Brigade in U.S. Army history to be deployed in support of combat operations. During the events in the Iraq Theater, he provided the personnel for Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) and Mobile Exploitation Teams (MET) that later merged into the Mobile Collection Teams (MCT) – a model previously never attempted. He was also responsible for supporting the Iraq Survey Group in support of the Presidential directed search for Weapons of Mass Destruction.


As a Department of the Army Civilian he continued to achieve many successes. From 1996-2000, he served as the senior subject matter expert for all biological detection systems fielded or under development by the department of Defense. During this period, he deployed to Israel as the BIDS employment and operational subject matter and liaison officer in support of Operation SHINING PRESENCE. In 2005, he was selected as the Joint Combat Developments project manager where served as Chief, Joint Experimentation and Analysis division for the CBRN School with responsibility for the coordination of multiple experimentations in coordination with Services experimentation projects in support of the Joint Requirements Office for CBRN Defense.


Colonel Robin K. Byrom passed away 21 August 2013.