Distinguished Member of the Corps



Colonel Richard (Dick) Smith


Colonel Richard (Dick) Smith’s unique contribution to the Corps has spanned a period of over 40 years, both in and out of uniform.


Colonel Smith commanded the 636th Ordnance Company (EOD), with the responsibility for the safe and secure storage of chemical weapons stored by the U.S. Army, Europe, during the Cold War. As Commander, U.S. Army Technical Escort Unit, he supervised the secure movement of chemical surety material in CONUS and OCONUS, and for emergency response to any chemical accident or incident in CONUS, or at military bases worldwide. As Commander of Rocky Mountain Arsenal, he was responsible for the Chemical Agent Identification Training Set Demilitarization Program, which located and safely destroyed almost 20,000 of the potentially hazardous sets.


Another accomplishment in Colonel Smith’s career was “Operation RMT.” This represented the first time the United States had flown nerve gas bombs over a major metropolitan area.


Since his retirement, Colonel Smith has been a consultant and director for many chemical and biological projects. He is currently a senior chemical demilitarization advisor to Washington Demilitarization Company.