Distinguished Member of the Corps



Master Sergeant Richard C. Robertson


Master Sergeant Richard C. Robertson hails from Tennessee and entered the U.S. Army in 1988. He is best known for his knowledgeable expertise in NBC subject matter and his advocacy for injured service members and veterans. During his first two tours with DELTA, he served in a direct support role for combat operations; this led to deployments in Saudi Arabia for Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield and Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. While on his third tour with DELTA, he was severely wounded in the western deserts of Iraq. Due to the combat injuries he sustained, he retired after serving for over 20 years.


Today Master Sergeant Robertson is active with the United States Special Operations Command’s “Care Coalition” by serving as a peer mentor for fellow severely injured/wounded special operations warriors. In addition, he provides valuable input to the Wounded Warrior Foundation such as how best to overcome issues faced when starting a new career after suffering traumatic combat injuries.