Distinguished Member of the Corps



Dr. Frank Shanty


Dr. Frank Shanty was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He received a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He also has a MS in Hygiene (Air Pollution) from the University of Pittsburgh and his PhD, is in Environmental Medicine from Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Shanty is the author and co-author of over 50 technical reports and papers in the area of air purification, respiratory protective devices, detection of atmospheric contaminants, and aerosol science. His best known contribution to the Chemical Corps was his designing of the M17 Protective Mask. He holds the patent on this first military canisterless gas mask. The M17 mask, in various versions, has been the Army’s primary protective mask for almost 30 years. In addition, he holds the patent on the Oronasal Mask, a significant advancement for medical work.


Dr. Shanty was chairman and/or member of numerous technical boards and panels within the Army. He served as the technical advisor on CB defense to U.S. representatives during the United Nations Study Commission on Chemical Warfare. He also served as the chairman or member of various quadripartite, NATO, and other international panels and groups involved in trace gas detection and respiratory protection.