Distinguished Member of the Corps



Lieutenant Colonel Donnie (Don) W. Kilgore


Lieutenant Colonel Donnie (Don) Wayne Kilgore was born on November 8, 1946 and joined the Chemical Corps in 1972. In August 2000, he retired from the U.S. Army with over 28 years combined active duty and Army National Guard service.


Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore served as the Commander of the U.S. Army Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System (CAMDS) Facility for over three years. While in command, he initiated the CAMDS training program while coordinating and developing onsite Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty inspector training. 


Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore currently works for the Battelle Memorial Institute, serving as the Deputy Program Manager for the Fort Leonard Wood Office and the U.S. Army Chemical School (USACMLS) Relationship Manager. In this capacity, he is responsible for the program oversight for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) doctrine, training, and combat developments in support of the USACMLS. He has served as project program leader for more than 30 CBRN projects and tasks.


As the Director, of the Office of the Secretary, USACMLS, Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore was instrumental in the establishment of the Chemical Corps Museum at Fort McClellan and the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA). He served as the first Adjutant to the CCRA and also serves as the CCRA Vice President for Business Development. His first priority has been to act in the best interest of Dragon Soldiers.