Distinguished Member of the Corps



Command Sergeant Major Dean M. Kolker


Command Sergeant Major Dean M. Kolker’s first priority has always been to act in the best interest of the Chemical Corps.


Command Sergeant Major Kolker spearheaded the effort to erect memorials to the 82nd and 84th Chemical Mortar Battalions in Memorial Grove. He assisted in the development of the museum at Fort McClellan and continues to volunteer at the museum today. He is responsible for the doctrinal training program for the XM1135 NBC Recon Vehicle, STRYKER, the first vehicle that encompass all aspects of NBC recon.


Command Sergeant Major Kolker is active in the community and has always worked with them to foster goodwill, understanding and helps the local business community understand the importance they play in the military community. He has been recognized by state congressional leaders and by local community leaders for his friendliness and concern for the community.