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By Darryl Conley, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is upon us and the exact dates are from June 1 – Nov. 30. The dates are seasonal and are highlighted because of the potential dangers, storm proximity and cascading hazards that may occur during this timeframe. Hurricanes can and often trigger other hazards in the form of storm surge, downed trees, landslides, fires, power outages and flooding to name a few. For our supported population on Fort Belvoir and surrounding area, what does hurricane preparedness look like for you and your household? Is your household set up for success to prepare for, respond to and recover from the impending hazards of a hurricane? To improve awareness and education in hurricane preparedness, the Fort Belvoir Garrison Emergency Management branch will provide a series of monthly hurricane preparedness tips between 1 Jun and 30 November on how you and your household can stay connected, stay informed and stay alert.

To stay connected download any number of weather apps, connect to social media, or create an account with Fairfax county Office of Emergency Management at:

The Fort Belvoir Garrison uses the ALERT system for mass warning and notification messages. Sign up at: HTTPS://Alert.CSD.DISA.MIL. Also check with your assigned command or agency to determine if there are other methods to receive warnings. Remember to check with surrounding jurisdictions if you live off-post or commute to Fort Belvoir.

For more information on Hurricane Preparedness visit: or Stay tuned for our next Hurricane Preparedness article on or about the 1st of every month.

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To register for Fairfax County Warnings at

For additional preparedness resources, visit:

For Hurricane Infographics link:

CAC holders, to self-register for the ALERT Mass Warning and Notification messages. Sign up at: HTTPS://Alert.CSD.DISA.MIL