Belvoir Thrift Shop announced this year's scholarship recipients

Belvoir Thrift Shop Announced 2023 Scholarship recipients

The Belvoir Community Committee announced that the following students have each been awarded a $1,000 scholarship in the 2023 Belvoir Thrift Shop Scholarship Program.

The twelve recipients of the Academic Achievement Award for graduating seniors are:

  • Augustus Brown, Brown Academy
  • Marcus Bailey, Jr., South County High School
  • Allison Abraham, South County High School
  • Riley Alexander, Hayfield Secondary School
  • Daniella Manavi, Mount Vernon High School
  • Lauren Capel, Hayfield Secondary School
  • John Copeland, Hayfield Secondary School
  • Amani Lei-Sam, Hayfield Secondary School
  • Isaac Garcia, South County High School
  • Madeline Rezentes, South County High School
  • Alexandra Hooker, Riverbend High School
  • Anjulie Rivera, Mount Vernon High School

These awards recognize and honor the scholastic achievements and community service of the winners, as well as the contribution their military sponsors have made to our country.

The Belvoir Thrift Shop Scholarship Program is made possible by the hard work of our volunteers who regularly donate their time to the Thrift Shop, as well as our staff.

“We wish to express our thanks to the Belvoir Community for your continued support of our work,” said Jackie Baer, Administrator, Belvoir Community Committee, and director of the Belvoir Thrift Shop, adding “It is an honor to serve those who serve our country, and this Thrift shop has been helping this community for 73 years.”

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By Jackie Baer, Belvoir Thrift Shop