Photo by Paul Lara, Fort Belvoir Public Affairs

Belvoir's historic release of rehabbed Eagle

Fort Belvoir released a young bald eagle back into the wild after it had been successfully nursed back to health, behind the Officers’ Club, Thursday.

Fort Belvoir Directorate of Public Works and Environmental Services caught and transported the eagle to Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Boyce, Virginia. The facility is one of few in the region that is licensed to help bald eagles.


Courtesy photo by Eric Brito Photography

Micah Boersma, director of DPW, said this was indeed a rare moment.

“In the 20 or 30 years when we’ve found an eagle on the ground that needed rehabilitation, this is the first one to have survived,” said Boersma. “The release here is just amazing because it was born here on Fort Belvoir, captured here on Fort Belvoir, and has been released to become part of the Belvoir community.”

Watch a video of the Eagle release here.


Paul Lara

Fort Belvoir Public Affairs