The Community Relations Branch is responsible for all aspects of the command’s community relations program to include developing understanding and support of the missions and functions of Fort Belvoir and being good neighbors by fostering relationships and understanding the needs of surrounding communities.


Community Outreach

Providing the handshake between Belvoir and the Community.

  • Call the Community Relations Chief at 703-805-2034


Army Community Covenant

Army Community Covenant


1. What is Community Covenant?
    It is a formal commitment of support
    by state and local communities to     Soldiers and Families of the Army.

2. Why have a Community Covenant?
    The Community Covenant allows     communities across America to     demonstrate their support for Service     Members and their Families in this time
    of war.

3. What is expected from a Community     Covenant signing ceremony?
    A Community Covenant signing     ceremony is a public display of support     by community leaders to the military     and family members living in that     community and to raise awareness of     their sacrifices.

4. How can I get involved? What can I     do?
    There are many ways to support a     military family beyond sending care     packages to deployed units. Look at     programs in your state or near Army     installations as well.

5. Who do I contact for more information     about this program?
    Please Contact Community Relations     Chief at 703 805 2034.

Please Contact Community Relations Chief, at 703 805 2034


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