The Fort Belvoir Garrison Public Affairs Office coordinates community outreach activities by connecting Garrison Command Team with local community and developing relationships with organizations, businesses, teams, and individuals who support our Soldiers, Families and Veterans



This event provides a platform for the Army and the surrounding communities in the National Capital Region to come together and discuss various topics aimed at strengthening the relationship between Fort Belvoir and our community mission partners. Hosted quarterly by Fort Belvoir Garrison, the Community Leader's Luncheon is an opportunity for leaders from both military and civilian organizations to engage in meaningful conversations and collaborative efforts. Together, we strive to find innovative ways to enhance our partnership and work towards mutual goals. If you represent a support military organization, we invite you to contact our office to be added to the PAO Community Partners distribution list.
By joining this network, you will receive regular updates and information on future luncheons and other community initiatives. We look forward to your active participation in the Community Leader's Luncheon as we continue to build and strengthen the bond between Fort Belvoir and our valued community partners.


As the proud home to over 150 organizations, including all branches of the military, Army Reserve, and National Guards, as well as numerous DoD Agencies, Fort Belvoir is a vibrant and diverse community. 
In addition, our 15 unique villages provide housing for service members and their families. The Quarterly Community Town Hall is a valuable opportunity for Fort Belvoir leadership to engage with Service Members, Families, and tenant organizations. 
It reflects our enduring commitment to providing a high quality of life, safety, and a secure living environment on the base. Hosted by Fort Belvoir Garrison, this event brings together the Village at Belvoir Residents, Soldiers, Civilians, and their Family Members at Fort Belvoir. We encourage everyone to attend and actively participate in this community gathering, as we aim to foster open discussions and find collaborative solutions.  Please note that this event is open to all residents of Fort Belvoir and individuals who work on the installation. We look forward to seeing you there!

Noise and Public Disturbance Complaints

USAG Fort Belvoir and tenant organizations/mission partners stationed at the post make every effort to minimize impact of military activities on the community. However, due to the nature of our training and operations, some disruptions are unavoidable.

Military aircraft comprise a small percentage of air traffic in the National Capital Region. Aircraft from the Army constitutes an even smaller percentage. In order to ensure complaints concerning aircraft noise are properly referred to the right entity, initial complaints should be referred to the FAA Complaint Portal to assist  in determining the source of the complaint and, if applicable, referral to the appropriate military entity.