A nieghborhood in the Villages at Belvoir, Fort Belvoir, VA. 

Have an opinion about housing? Fort Belvoir residents asked to take 10-minute survey

Each year, residents of The Villages at Belvoir, and all privatized military housing, have a chance to participate in the Defense Department’s annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey. The results from the survey let local leaders and housing officials know residents’ thoughts about what is working and what could be improved for future residents and community initiatives.
The annual survey will be e-mailed to all residents beginning Jan. 11, 2022; and closes Feb. 24.

Everyone is encouraged to voice their honest opinions, which help shape future projects and improvements to privatized housing facilities and services.
“With the recent change in ownership to Michaels, and all of the initiatives we’ve already seen action on, we expect a slight increase in resident satisfaction,” said Jenn Hudson, Fort Belvoir housing chief.

Last year’s resident survey had 39 percent participation and officials would like responses from more residents, this year.

“We’re hoping to get at least 50 percent of the residents to complete the survey,” said Dr. John Moeller, deputy to the garrison commander. “This is an opportunity for all residents to impact the quality of housing on Fort Belvoir, as these survey results will be read by, not only the housing partner, but by the garrison command group, as well. I encourage all residents to let their voice be heard by completing this survey.”
Hudson added the earlier residents complete the survey, the greater chance they can win incentive gift cards. “Plus, residents who complete it early don’t have to worry about it again,” she said.

“One of the Army’s top priorities continues to emphasize efforts to improve housing conditions and survey feedback is important for that,” Hudson said.

Story by Margaret Steele

Fort Belvoir Public Affaris