"A Winning Team with One Mission"

Mission Statement: The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) directs, coordinates, and synchronizes all elements of Fort Belvoir garrison operations, planning, protection, emergency operations and tactical execution of installation activities and events. DPTMS provides garrison operational planning, training venues, and installation security in order to provide the highest possible level of support to tenant organizations, Soldiers, Families and civilians in the Fort Belvoir community.

Vision: A team of flexible and responsible professionals, dedicated to providing the best possible service to units and individuals serving our Nation.



  • Provide mission command for emergency management response and consequence management operations
  • Synchronizes internal and external activities in support of force protection
  • Supervise the execution of Antiterrorism and Emergency Management Programs
  • Manage personnel security, information security, industrial security, and security training



Function: Prepares and coordinates Contingency Plans, Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection operations, Exercises, Operations Security (OPSEC) Management, and Continuity of Operations Program (COOP).


  • Long Range Calendar Planning
  • Operational Order Development
  • Anti-terrorism/Force Protection
  • Emergency Management
  • Contingency Planning

Points of Contact:

  • Chief of Plans: (703) 805-3371
  • Lead Plans Specialist: (703) 805-5205
  • Exercise Planner: (703) 805-5216
  • Emergency Manager: (703) 805-4004
  • Anti-terrorism Officer: (703) 805-2304

Function: Performs a myriad of activities in support of Fort Belvoir. Manages the Installation Operations Center (IOC) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). During emergencies that affect the installation, the EOC serves as the Command and Control (C2) element for tracking, coordinating and reporting to the command and higher headquarters. Serves as the conduit between higher headquarters and garrison directorates for taskings, managing and coordinating the use of post facilities, ceremonial events and special events support.


  • Manages the Installation Operations Center (IOC).
  • Manages the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a crisis.
  • Serves as the conduit between higher headquarters and garrison directorates for taskings.
  • Manages and coordinates the use of post facilities, ceremonial events and special events support.

Points of Contact: Operations Division/Belvoir Central Tasking Office: (703) 805-4002

Request for Installation Support: Contact the Operations Division via email at:


and provide the following information:

- Requesting Organization
- Organization point of contact with phone number and email address
- Date of event
- Time of event
- Detailed description of event
- Number of personnel
- Detailed description of support requested

Fort Belvoir's Force Protection Condition: BRAVO

Fort Belvoir's Anti-terrorism/Force Protection Mission Statement: Fort Belvoir's Anti-terrorism office executes a comprehensive Anti-Terrorism program that deters, defeats or mitigates an all hazards Force Protection mission that provides an appropriate level of safety and security for all Soldiers, Civilian workforce, Family-members, Contractor's, other DoD personnel, Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (CIKR), and Critical information (CI) to ensure Fort Belvoir and its Tenant Partners continue operational capabilities from acts of terrorism or criminal, including CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive) attacks.

The AT/FP branch is located in the Garrison Headquarters, Building 269 in Room 001.

Points of Contact: 703-805-5209/4004

Antiterrorism Level I Training System

DoD Foreign Clearance Guide /The Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide


The Operations Security (OPSEC) Office executes the analytic process used to deny an adversary sensitive information - generally unclassified - concerning friendly intentions and capabilities by identifying, controlling, and protecting indicators associated with planning processes or operations. OPSEC does not replace other security disciplines - it supplements them.

Points of Contact:

OPSEC Officer: (703) 805-2846

Interagency OPSEC Support Staff

1st Information Operations Command (Land)/ Army OPSEC Support Element 

Services: The Fort Belvoir Security Division provides the Fort Belvoir garrison staff the following:

  • Personnel Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Information Security
  • Security Education, Training, and Awareness (SETA)

Points of Contact:

Personnel Security: (703) 805-5011

Personnel Security: The PERSEC Office is responsible for providing Personnel Security (PERSEC) administrative support and security clearance processing for the Fort Belvoir garrison staff. PERSEC support includes developing personnel security policies and procedures, providing personnel security training and guidance, managing the Garrison Personnel Security database for all new and ongoing security clearances, and providing personnel security advice and assistance to the garrison staff and approved contractors.

Industrial Security: The security of Fort Belvoir and the United States depends in part upon proper safeguarding of classified information released to industry. Policies, practices, and procedures are set forth at Fort Belvoir to ensure maximum effectiveness and consistency with applicable directives and regulations. All are applicable to the active US Army, Fort Belvoir organizations and partner/tenant activities having government classified contracts, and receiving security assistance from the Installation Security Office. Elements under the command of the Installation Commander Fort Belvoir (ICFB) are required to report classified contracts, and any changes thereto, to the Installation Security Office. Assistance is provided in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD), Department of the Army (DA), Installation Management Command (IMCOM), Northeast Region Office (NERO), Fort Belvoir directives and currently approved Intra/Inter-Service Support Agreements (ISAs) between the installation and organizations receiving support from the US Army Garrison, Fort Belvoir. Issues and concerns pertaining to the program should be addressed to the Program Manager through the numbers listed.

Industrial Security Office is located in the Garrison Headquarters, Building 269 in
Room 30.

Installation Industrial Security contacts: 703-805-5011

Information Security: Information security (INFOSEC) is a system established to protect information, if subjected to unauthorized disclosure, could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security. This section contains information, policy, regulations and other guidance regarding the classification, downgrading, declassification, transmission, transportation, and safekeeping of information requiring protection in the interest of national security.

Information Security Office is located in the Garrison Headquarters, Building 269 in Room 30.

Information Security contacts: 703-805-5011

SECURITY EDUCATION, TRAINING & AWARENESS (SETA): The SETA Program supports all Army programs and does not utilize any specific regulation.In accordance with Army Policy, the Security Office implements a comprehensive Security Education, Training and Awareness Program. This program is tailored to all Fort Belvoir Garrison personnel and supporting contractors. The program is intended to be informative and inspire security awareness to current threats.

Our training program includes security briefings for newcomers, online annual security awareness training. Scheduled security briefings will be posted on the DPTMS website

For more information about the Security Education, and Training Awareness Program, please contact the Security Office at (703) 805-5011.


Security Awareness Posters:

The Layman's Guide To Security

Foreign Intelligence Recruitment

Preparing for the Visit

Foreign Travel - Related Vulnerability

Security Related Acronyms

Defense Security Service (DSS) (SETA) Broadcast News/Security Awareness Spotlight site

Primary Point of Contact can be contacted at:

Program Manager: 703-805-5011

Fax# 703-806-5230



The mission is to provide our customers with training opportunities and enablers to meet mission requirements.

  • Exercise staff supervision for training management and provide control and supervision of all training areas and facilities.
  • Training facilities managed by the Training Division include: Wood Theater, Wallace Theater, Thurman Auditorium, and the Amphitheater.
  • Training areas include: P1 Parade Field, T4, T6, T7, T8(Land Navigation Course), T9, T10.

All requests to conduct training on Fort Belvoir should be made through the DPTMS Operations Division via e-mail:


Points of Contact:

Operations Division: (703) 805-4002

Lodging and messing is not available on Fort Belvoir. Inbound Soldiers should email orders and a completed DD1351-5 to DPTMS.

Example Statement of Non-Availability

The process takes approximately ten working days.

Points of contact for DPTMS SNA: (703) 805-3371.

Emergency Management information