By Margaret Steele, Garrison Public Affairs

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.


Chinita Reid-Latson, lead sexual assault response coordinator for the Garrison at the SHARP Resource Center, said preventing harassment should be ongoing, day after day, every month of the year.
“The bottom line is, sexual assault and harassment hurts all Service members and the trust we have with each other,” Reid-Latson said. “The criminals who commit sexual assault erode the trust we have with each other, affect our resilience, and damage the military’s moral fiber. 
“We must continue to encourage bystanders to intervene in SHARP incidents, and for victims to report sexual assault,” she said. “This is so they can get the help they need, and so offenders are held accountable.

After the proclamation was signed by Garrison leadership, it was taken to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, where hospital leadership reiterated their commitment to preventing sexual assault by signing the proclamation.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month is observed yearly from 1-30 April. Learn more at the Fort Belvoir SHARP Facebook page at