Firefighter, Police and Security Guards from Fort Belvoir are honored by the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce at the Annual Police & Firefighters Tribute in Springfield, Nov. 4. 

The Mount Vernon – Lee Chamber of Commerce honored first responders from throughout Fairfax County at the 17th Annual Police & Firefighter Tribute in Springfield, Nov. 4. Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services honored three outstanding team members at the event, and the Directorate of Emergency Services honored six of its own Police officers and Security Guards at the banquet at Hilton Springfield.

Lt. David Wolff, Fort Belvoir Fire Company Officer of the Year

Lieutenant David Wolff has been a significant part of protecting the lives of those who live, work, play and learn on Fort Belvoir and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. He is an outstanding officer, professional, colleague and friend to all, coupled with being an outstanding leader on and off-duty.

Always being sought after for answers and direction on a variety of difficult situations, he is well known behind the scenes as a “go-to guy.” David shares his technical proficiency through continuously mentoring others at all stages of their professional development.

He has worked to incorporate People First to successfully lead change in the fire service. Lieutenant Wolff is a leader in the Fort Belvoir Fire Department and is also the chairperson of a division wide committee.

John Christian, Fort Belvoir Firefighter / Medic of the Year

John Christian is a model firefighter medic who works for perfection on every medical response and strives to make each day better through dedicated service.  He serves as an Advanced Life Support preceptor and demonstrates excellence by his commitment to develop his peers the right way, the first time, and every time.

John’s aptitude of knowledge, experience, and care for others was recently displayed on the early morning hours of September 11, 2022, when he responded to a medical emergency at the home of a veteran who was experiencing a mental medical emergency related to PTSD.  His ability to demonstrate patience, confidence and compassion for the public led to a positive patient outcome in a very stressful situation. 

Firefighter Medic Christian successfully completed an extensive aerial release program to become a released aerial driver to expand the Division’s readiness.  He is a key member of the division’s information technology committee where he accelerated information technology equipment maintenance and repairs for the organization.

Andrew Edwards, Fire Fighter of the Year

Firefighter Andrew Edwards demonstrates the Division’s core values both on- and off-duty through his personal enthusiasm, initiative, and commitment to excellence. 

He excelled through multiple driver operator release processes and volunteered to serve as a mentor to new firefighters and driver operators.  He is constantly pursuing internal and external training, release processes and professional certifications. 

Edwards is an acting officer program participant and an active member on numerous Division wide committees where he is responsible for purchasing, inventory management, subject matter expert research and testing to ensure firefighters are armed with the highest quality tools and equipment in the industry. Firefighter Edwards is always mission ready, always training, and always teaching and helping others.  His commitment to service shows no bounds and is a demonstration of a true professional.

James Vinson, Civilian Police Officer of the Year Officer

Officer James Vinson, Civilian Police Officer of the Year, was honored for his hard work, can-do attitude, and tireless commitment to the Fort Belvoir Law Enforcement Division.

On numerous occasions, Officer Vinson has taken the opportunity and challenge of performing the duties of a Patrol Supervisor. While performing as a Patrol Supervisor, Officer Vinson created a high level of professional trust among his peers and supervisors alike. He has demonstrated a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems while providing exceptional leadership to his team.

As one of the department’s Field Training Officer’s, Officer Vinson has continued to be instrumental in developing a sense of cohesion and teamwork, while properly training newly assigned military and civilian police officers.

When he is not training and providing instruction at the Department of the Army Security Guard Academy, Officer Vinson continues his personal development and attends every available training opportunity. Officer Vinson’s dedication to duty and the department has made him a vital asset to the team.

Blas Robert, Civilian Police Supervisor Officer of the Year

CAPT Blas Robert was recognized as the Civilian Supervisor of the Year for his hard work, and tireless commitment to the Fort Belvoir Law Enforcement Division. As the Watch Commander, CAPT Robert has demonstrated sound judgement and exceptional leadership to his subordinates. He has handled several emergency situations with ease.

On July 27, 2022, CAPT Robert responded to a possible unexploded ordnance on McCarthy Trail with lost hikers in the area. With his quick thinking, he was able to mobilize the department’s ATV Team and cordon off the area. Through his coordination and outstanding response, all hikers and unexploded ordnance were located without incident.

Robert’s dedication, professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts have all contributed to his role in assisting the department with protecting the installation.

Staff Sergeant Jose Gonzalez, Military Police Officer of the Year

Jose Gonzalez is an outstanding Traffic Management and Collision Investigator for the Fort Belvoir Garrison Community. Whether the accident resulted in minor damages, or a major collision resulting in injuries or a fatality, SSG Gonzalez’s professionalism was always observed, while displaying his knowledge, skills, and abilities to the craft of traffic investigation.

Gonzalez has transitioned over to the Patrol Division where he performs his duties flawlessly. He also mentors his subordinates and ensures they are trained in all aspects while performing their law enforcement duties. SSG Gonzalez is a natural leader who performs his tasks well above his paygrade. His actions reflect great credit upon himself, the 212th Military Police Detachment, the Fort Belvoir Police Department, and the Fort Belvoir Garrison Community.

Sergeant Cody Renner, Fort Belvoir Police Department Investigator of the Year

Renner’s selfless commitment to the Fort Belvoir Garrison Community as a Traffic Management Collision Investigator has been noted and his efforts have been recognized by various sectors within the Belvoir Community.

Renner played a huge part in keeping the Traffic Division informed of new legal and or traffic updates that were required to be known by the Traffic Section. He developed new traffic plans, and ideas to collect traffic and speed data on the Installation helping to enforce safer driving requirements. He worked to increase school safety signs, as well as have constructed an important crosswalk on Meeres Road providing a safer means to cross the street from Lewis Village to Fort Belvoir Elementary School.

Bismark Adu, Army Security Guard of the Year

Officer Bismark Adu is a dedicated professional who strives for perfection in all endeavors. His technical knowledge, total dedication to duty, and willingness to assist in any capacity have made him a valuable member of the Department of the Army Security Guard Team.  He realizes that team collaboration and individual commitment are the cornerstones to a successful Team.

On numerous occasions he has volunteered to work overtime with short notice to ensure Fort Belvoir is properly staffed for the mission. He willingly shares his knowledge and experience with the entire team comprised of thirteen other Security Guards.

Officer Adu has been instrumental in keeping the Installation safe while sending a message to visitors, and tenant organizations that it is “Mission Essential” to provide a great customer service experience while keeping the installation safe.

Lt. Robin Rodriguez-Camp, Fort Belvoir Security Supervisor of the Year

Lt. Camp is a dedicated professional who strives for excellence in all endeavors.  Her technical knowledge, total dedication to duty, and willingness to assist in any capacity has made her a valuable member of the DES Team. 

She was instrumental in providing outstanding support not only to the guard force but also played a key role in hiring and welcoming new employees into the organization.  LT Camp assisted the Chief of Guards in coordinating three Mass Hiring Events and was selected as a board member for three promotion board interviews for Lead and Supervisory Security Guards.

LT Camp continued to maintain a high standard when she was assigned as the Lead Instructor for the DASG Academy.  Her willingness to step up to oversee training programs and share her knowledge and experience was influential in providing security guards with the skills, tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive while performing their duties as security guards. She was responsible for graduating five DASG Academy classes of approximately thirty new security guards.

Paul Lara, Fort Belvoir Public Affairs