Media Relations

The Media Relations Branch is responsible directly to the Public Affairs Officer on all aspects of public information as applicable to civilian media coverage of incidents, accidents, events and activities of Fort Belvoir. Responds to all media queries regarding incidents, accidents, events and activities of Fort Belvoir. Serves as releasing officer for all news releases, to include written and verbal releases to media. Serves as liaison between media and the command.

Reporting on Fort Belvoir

All media must have approval and an escort prior to entering Fort Belvoir and covering any event on Fort Belvoir property. The Military Police will detain unannounced media at the gate and will contact the Public Affairs Office for instruction.

It is the responsibility of the reporter to contact the Public Affairs Office directly for coordination and provide the following information for consideration of approval:

  • Reporter name
  • News outlet
  • Contact information
  • Summary of media request
  • If requesting to enter the installation, you will also be asked to provide your license number and state of issuance for vetting.

Media interested in covering post activities, arranging an escort or receiving information on upcoming media opportunities should contact Media Relations at 703-851-1589  or 

Media Escort Requirements

For security reasons and per installation access rules, members of the media conducting news-gathering activities on Fort Belvoir property must be escorted by Public Affairs. For invited events, media should RSVP in accordance with the instructions provided in the news release to coordinate a Public Affairs escort onto the installation.

For other stories, news media representatives may request assistance from the Media Relations section. Requests are granted when service and DOD regulations allow and resources are available.

Service members and military family members who are interested in engaging the media are encouraged to contact Public Affairs for assistance. Please note, reporters must also contact Public Affairs directly for coordinating a media request.  If the story is of limited official interest, we may suggest meeting with the reporter off base where a Public Affairs escort is not required.

For stories not related to the subject's military affiliation, Public Affairs can generally provide an escort onto the installation only if the story cannot be adequately reported without such access.

*Please note: Public Affairs does not facilitate stories seeking service member or military Family member reactions to issues of current interest, events and ongoing litigations. Reporters may solicit military personnel and their families for their reactions to current events via other means, but we will not use Department of Defense resources to provide an escort onto the installation for this type of story.

Possession of a military-issued ID card or visitor pass does not constitute permission to conduct newsgathering activities on any part of the installation – including family housing – without a Public Affairs escort. Pass-holders and/or the visitor's military sponsor may be held responsible if a pass or military ID is misused.


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