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By The Villages at Belvoir


This month, the Villages at Belvoir would like to highlight our AIM initiative, a comprehensive program dedicated to ensuring service members and their families enjoy high-quality, well-maintained homes during their time at Fort Belvoir. AIM, which stands for “Anticipate, Inspect, Maintain,” codifies and brings awareness thorough quality control measures that the Villages implements on every home.


“During a recent, routine neighborhood walk, I had the opportunity to speak with a resident who was anxious to review the home she was going to move into. We had a frank and productive discussion,” said Paul Gantos, Director of Operations and Special Programs for Fort Belvoir Residential Communities LLC. “She was, understandably, concerned about the potential condition of her new home after reading rumors online. I asked if she was aware that her home had undergone numerous inspections and quality control checks conducted by the Villages at Belvoir and a Third-Party Quality Assurance Team: she was not,” said Gantos. “That was a light bulb moment for me. I knew we needed to do a better job talking about not only the care these teams take to prepare homes for new families, but also the Villages’ overarching commitment to delivering unrivaled resident experiences. So, we got to work on AIM.”


The AIM initiative communicates to incoming and current residents the six quality assurance touchpoints for each home over the duration of a Service member’s residency. Three such touchpoints occur before move-in, during which more than 400 inspection points are examined and upheld across multiple assessments of each home: a Pre-Move-Out Inspection, a Change of Occupancy and Maintenance Inspection, and a Third-Party Quality Assurance Inspection.


After move-in, every home receives an Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspection, plus, as of February 2021, quarterly HVAC filter changes. Maintenance technicians complete Hot Spot inspections during every work order response, and each year a randomized selection of homes receives the Military Quality Assurance and Long-Term Sustainment Inspection conducted by an independent third-party. In addition, a master electrician has joined the Villages at Belvoir team to provide random home inspections, electrical troubleshooting experience, and training oversight.


As part of the awareness efforts, new residents will now see an AIM-approved seal on the front door of their new home indicating it has passed all rigorous inspections, as well as an informational handout on the kitchen counter outlining the details of the initiative.


“As members of the military, our valued residents have dedicated their lives to the brave and selfless service of our country. These heroes, and their families, deserve nothing short of the best possible living experience we can provide.” said Jennifer Watkins, Community Director for The Villages at Belvoir. “Our goal, every day, is to provide them with housing peace of mind. The resources and attention we have committed to this program ensure we will meet that standard of excellence for each and every Service member that lives at Belvoir now and into the future.”


The Villages invites anyone interested in learning more about AIM to visit