Plans, Operations and Mobilization Division

The Plans and Operations division develops installation-level plans and exercises for mobilizing reserve component forces to support contingency and emergency operations and coordinates and manages training, training facilities, material and security for outstanding domestic military operations and mobilizing units. The DPTMS Plans and Operations Division is responsible for the planning and execution of plans in order to sync installation functions and posture the installation in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. The division is also responsible for coordination of mobilization functions and synchronizing the deployment of both AC and RC forces from JBLM.

  • POM division chief: 253-967-0170

Plans Branch

Plans Branch coordinates I Corps and JBLM planning for the development of operational plans and mobilization plans to support domestic contingencies, emergency preparedness and installation emergency management. It also coordinates the development and execution of training exercises and JBLM participation in other exercises.

  • Plans branch manager: 253-966-1537

Operations Branch

Operations executes oversight of operations and emergency operations for the Joint Base by synchronizing the Joint Base staff in accordance with the known operational requirements and the priorities as established by the command. Additionally, DPTMS Operations staff has the responsibility for the functional aspects of the Joint Base command and control systems, for receiving and validating all requests to the Joint Base for support and for serving as the single point of contact for all agencies external to the Joint Base. The Operations Branch is also responsible for operation of the Joint Base Watch Office -- formerly known as the Joint Base Operations Center.

  • Operations branch chief: 253-966-1526

Mobilization Branch

The Mobilization Support Branch serves as the JBGC’s executive agent for synchronizing the installation staff, support and local MOB enterprise partners in order to execute JBLM’s MFGI mission.

  • Mobilization branch chief: 253-966-6859

Joint Base Watch Office

The mission of the Joint Base Watch Office, formerly known as the Joint Base Operations Center, is to provide the commanding general and Joint Base leadership operational overwatch and situational awareness of JBLM, Yakima Training Center and deployed elements -  to include specified components of: ranges and training areas, critical infrastructure, connectivity with higher headquarters, joint basing, state and local emergency response and disaster management.

  • Joint Base Watch Office: 253-967-0015
  • Joint Base Watch Office branch manager: 253-477-1365