JBLM Map.jpgIf you live in South Puget Sound, you live in the vicinity of JBLM, a 90,000-acre Army and Air Force joint military installation, established in 1917. You may periodically hear noise from routine aircraft and helicopter flights and artillery training. Training generally occurs weekdays, during day and nighttime hours. Weekend training occurs as required.

U.S. Air Force aircraft fly in and out of McChord Field for worldwide missions and for training flights in the Puget Sound and greater Northwest region. Other services’ aircraft occasionally fly in and out of McChord Field as well. U.S. Army helicopters fly in and out of Gray Army Airfield on JBLM Main for training on base and throughout the Puget Sound region. All JBLM aviation activities are conducted in accordance with FAA regulations.
JBLM U.S. Army units conduct artillery and mortar training, and occasionally demolitions training. This training occurs during the day and nighttime hours. Live munitions are fired into the artillery impact area on JBLM Main. Noise from this training is frequently heard in the surrounding communities, especially those closest to the impact area.
Prescribed Burns

Every summer, the JBLM Environmental Division conducts prescribed burns at various locations around the base. Prescribed burns reduce the fuel load that can cause devastating wildfires, improve training lands for service members, and enhance fire-dependent habitats. For more information, visit the JBLM Wildland Fire page.

Public Awareness
The JBLM Garrison Public Affairs Office announces large-scale Army and Air Force training activities, as well as nighttime artillery and mortar training that may be heard off base. These announcements are done through news releases and via JBLM social media.
JBLM does not announce or otherwise publicize routine daytime training.
JBLM announces prescribed burns via JBLM social media.
Although JBLM provides predictability by announcing to local communities large-scale and nighttime training as well as prescribed burns, to minimize their impact, some disruptions do occur.
To report noise, low-flying aircraft or other disturbances caused by military activity to the JBLM Garrison Public Affairs Office, please submit a noise complaint form, JBLM Form 761:
  • by mail – JBLM Public Affairs Office, Box 339500 MS 14A, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433 
  • email

To report possible damage to personal property suspected from training events at or near JBLM, call 253-477-1817 to file a tort claim.

Comments about noise or other disturbances may be directed to the JBLM Garrison Public Affairs hotline at 253-967-0852. To immediately report nuisance smoke, please call 253-912-2049.