Upon arrival, report to USAG Reception, Building 2021 on Lewis Main, regardless of unit assignment. (see map at Annex B). If you are delayed and are not able to report on the required date, call USAG Reception at 253-967-7004 or DSN 312-357-7004. You can expect to be with the detachment five days. Once you sign in, you will receive a billeting assignment, bedding and a temporary meal card if you are not on separate rations. If your family arrives with you, USAG Reception will help make them comfortable during your in-processing. You should have all your records with you: personnel, finance, medical and dental. The duty uniform for inprocessing is the Operational Camouflage Patter (OCP) uniform.


Please show up on your assigned day in your OCP uniform with all required paperwork, notepad and pen. Documents to bring:

Upon Arrival:

  • A copy of your orders
  • DA 31 (Leave Form)
  • Medical records
  • Dental records
  • Military Personnel File (not required)
  • Necessary copies for inprocessing will be made for you at the Reception Desk upon your arrival.


  • All copies of your orders
  • DA 31 (Leave Form)
  • Copy of Sponsor and Welcome Letter
  • Copy of initial enlistment
  • Copy of promotion orders (if applicable)
  • All personal documents including marriage certificate, birth certificates for spouse, children and yourself, EFMP, etc.
  • Travel receipts and weigh voucher for DIY moves
  • Any other documents specified in the special instructions of your orders
  • Any other documents provided to you during the departure of your previous station


Upon arrival, inprocess through the customer service office located within the Military Personnel Section. At that time, your relocation package will be opened and the customer service office will collect your unit personnel records group (if e-records not established yet) as well as a current SGLI form. You will receive back all other records, such as medical, dental and on-the-job training records. After you receive your medical and dental records, you will take them to the medical and dental clinic at your earliest convenience. You will also be scheduled for the Base Newcomers’ Orientation Program at this time. At the base newcomers’ orientation, you will attend briefings provided by different base agencies on JBLM and you will accomplish your travel voucher with finance, as well as speak with a representative to set up with TRICARE-West. The Newcomers’ Orientation is typically held the second or third Tuesday of each month at the American Lake Conference Center. It is a mandatory appointment, and attendees are required to be in uniform of the day. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. If newcomers need free child care, contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 253-982-2695 or DSN 312-382-2695 to request a child care for PCS certificate (20 hours per child) upon arrival on base. Bring all receipts necessary for completing your travel voucher, which will be done during the finance in-processing portion. Be sure to speak with the squadron liaison to pick up your squadron’s inprocessing checklist.

If you are an Airman coming from technical school, you will be required to attend the First Term Airmen’s Center (FTAC). All briefings held at the Newcomers’ Orientation will be in greater detail during FTAC. However, before FTAC, it’s imperative you report to the Military Personnel Section to turn in your relocation package. You will be scheduled for the afternoon portion of the Newcomers’ Orientation where you will file your travel voucher and meet with a TRICARE West representative. Important Note: If you are a new accession, be prepared to provide all enlistment documents to include prior service and Guard/Reserve Page 4 of 25 Installation Inprocessing (Continued) documents. If you are prior service (enlisted only), please have your DD 214 available. Also, it is very important that you bring a copy of your travel voucher to ensure your active-duty pay account is established through finance. In case of emergency during your trip to JBLM, contact your sponsor, unit first sergeant or commander.