The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Safety Office advises, audits, and assists commanders and managers in executing their safety and occupational health program to protect the mission, prevent injury or damage, comply with the law and limit liability. Our top priority is working to provide personnel the tools to assist them in creating the safest workplace and living environments as possible.

The JBSO manages the installation Army Traffic Safety Training Program, including the Basic Rider Course (BRC) and the Advance Rider Course (ARC) for motorcyle riders and the Intermediate Driver Training (IDT) (under 26 years of age) and Remedial Drivers Course (RDC) for vehichle operators.

Register here ✪ Army's IMCOM Registration System to apply for any ATSTP training. Attendance is limited to active-duty service members, Reserve and National Guard service members on Title 10 orders, and DOD civilian employees whose job description requires motorcycle operation. For more information on state-certified schools, click here

Unexploded Ordnance or UXO:
JBLM has a long history of using military munitions for live-fire training. Explosives items that are used but fail to function as intended are called Unexploded Ordnance or UXO. Research has shown a large amount of JBLM property was used to conduct and support live-fire training in the past. This has resulted in the possibility of encountering UXO in areas that are not marked and may not appear hazardous. The Army's UXO Safety program is designed to educate military personnel and civilians alike about the potential hazards associated with UXO. For more information on training, click here.

✪ = Link to a CAC-required site.