JBLM Civilian Hall of Fame Lt. Gen. Bill Harrison Service Award

Established in 2003, the JBLM Civilian Hall of Fame Lt. Gen. Bill Harrison Service Award (formerly the Fort Lewis or JBLM Civilian Hall of Fame) program recognizes community members who have contributed to the community as a civilian for three or more years, and who through their efforts, made an exceptional impact on our service members, military families, or the JBLM community. The impact can be based on long-term support or short-term actions that have made a difference. 

The JBCHoF is named for retired Lt. Gen. William H. Harrison. Lt. Gen. Harrison served as the commander of I Corps from 1987 to 1989 and he became the first mayor of the city of Lakewood in 1995. He is known throughout the JBLM communities for his high standards, dedication and commitment to making his community a better place for all.

01 2004 Bever.JPGRichard Bever (2004)     Mr. Richard Bever has been a military advocate and support for more than 23 years. From many leadership positions, including Lacey City Councilmember, Lacey Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee of the Lacey Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bever has promoted the best interests of service members in and around JBLM. Mr. Bever is also a life member of the National Guard Association of the United States, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.


02 2004 Dicks.JPGNorm Dicks (2004)     The Honorable Norman Dicks, representative of Washington State’s 6th Congressional District has served in the House of Representatives since his first election in 1976. During the last 27 years he has been a great support and voice of the service members, not out of political expediency, but because of the deeply held beliefs. The tremendous improvements in training facilities, infrastructure and morale, welfare and recreation support on JBLM have been largely due to the efforts of Rep. Dicks.


03 2004 Foutch.JPGMark Foutch (2004)     The Honorable Mark R. Foutch, mayor of the city of Olympia, has been a leading voice in the state capital, urging closer ties with Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Born on an Army post and a retired United States Air Force Airman, Mayor Foutch has placed a premium on recognizing the hard work of JBLM service members and representing the thousands of Soldiers and retirees throughout the South Puget Sound.


04 2004 Harrison.JPGBill Harrison (2004)     The Honorable William H. “Bill” Harrison, former mayor of the city of Lakewood, spent his entire adult life in service and support to the U.S. Army, first as an Army Officer, and later as a civic leader in the community closest to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. A board member of the United States Organization of Puget Sound Area and a Former member of the Madigan Army Medical Center Board, Mayor Harrison has worked tirelessly to serve Soldiers at JBLM and in Lakewood.


05 2004 Hastings.JPGDoc Hastings (2004)     The Honorable Richard N. “Doc” Hastings, representative of Washington’s 4th Congressional District, has been a voice for JBLM in the nation’s Capitol. He served his district, which includes Yakima Training Center, with distinction since 1994. A champion for service members and veterans, Congressman Hastings uses his position on the House Rules Committee and the Budget Committee to shepherd legislation that will help Soldiers and the families.


06 2004 Lucas.JPGRon Lucas (2004)     The Honorable Ronald J. “Ron” Lucas, mayor of the city of Steilacoom, has been a long-time champion of the military. As mayor, he has provided the critical link between the city and its Community Connections partner, the 1st Military Police Brigade. Mayor Lucas worked with the brigade on organizing several projects in the community for Make a Difference Day, and has frequently used the community events to honor work of service members.


07 2005 Muri.JPGDick Muri (2005)     The Honorable Dick Muri, Pierce County Councilmember, 6th District, has proven to be an outstanding spokesman on issues involving our communities and JBLM while serving in his role in the Pierce County government. Since 1971, he has championed efforts to recognize military members, and has spent countless hours working educational enhancement issues for our children and local community projects that support our service members.


08 2005 Smith.JPGAdam Smith (2005)     The Honorable Adam Smith, U.S. Representative of Washington State’s 9th Congressional District, has been a particular friend and strong advocate of JBLM with a powerful voice in support of better housing, health care benefits, competitive pay, and consideration of spouses and children. His priorities include modernizing the military and investing in new technology. In 2004, he worked with Congressman Norm Dicks and the military to secure $86.5 million in military construction funds for Fort Lewis, Camp Murray, and McChord Air Force Base.

09 2006 Sydenham-Ball.JPGMarion Sydenham-Ball (2006)     Mrs. Marion Sydenham-Ball contributed countless volunteer hours sharing her knowledge of Fort Lewis and U.S. Army history with Soldiers, their families and the general public for nearly 20 years. She was a driving force behind such projects as the City of Lakewood Veterans Memorial and the statue of Meriwether Lewis at JBLM. Additionally, she has been a key leader in the Military Order of World Wars annual ceremony held in Soldiers Field House. Her volunteerism, selfless service, and dedication have unquestionably bridged and strengthened the bounds between our communities.


10 2006 Turner.JPGKathy Turner (2006)     While serving as the Mayor of Puyallup, from 2002-2005, Kathy Turner demonstrated overwhelming support of the service members and families of the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, through numerous events in which she and the people of Puyallup honored the brigade, especially while the troops were deployed to Iraq. This included raising money for phone cards so deployed service members could call their loved ones, and organizing the signing of banners by Puyallup residents to send their expressions of support to them in Iraq. The service members and families will always remember her presence at the memorial services for fallen 1st Brigade Soldiers.

11 2007 Eckroth.JPGAl Eckroth (2007)     Hawks Prairie Rotarian, Al Eckroth, cared so deeply for our Soldiers that he developed the idea for the Military Family Support March in 2003 to remind people throughout the region of the sacrifices families make when service members deploy into harm’s way. To date, the Military Family Support March has raised and donated over $150,000 to military family support organizations at Fort Lewis and other groups assisting military families in the area. He also raised funds for the Lacey Military Family Statue, which required over $250,000 to complete. Mr. Eckroth is recognized for his patriotism and overwhelming support and devotion to JBLM service members and their families.

12 2007 Gulit.JPGNadine Gulit (2007)     Operation Support Our Troops organizer Nadine Gulit rallies support for our service members and farewells for JBLM units as they embark on mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under her leadership, Operation Support Our Troops gathered more than 8,000 people for the rally to send-off the 81st Armored Brigade in 2003. She started Operation Holidays from home in 2003 which benefits nearly 2,000 Soldiers yearly. With the aid of volunteers, she actively supports wounded service members by donating goods to the Wounded Soldier’s Program to include purchasing and wrapping Christmas toys and gifts for children of wounded service members. She vowed to support our troops until they all come home.

13 2010 Dhane.JPGDenise Dhane (2010)     Denise Dhane organized Operation Make a Soldier Smile in 2005 with a plan to send comfort and support downrange in the form of care packages. In 2009, she led a campaign to send holiday care packages to the former 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division in Afghanistan. Operation Make a Soldier Smile raised $26,690 and an estimated $40,000 worth of donated items. In 2010, she helped drive a campaign to provide 7,500 welcome home packages to single service members returning from deployment.


14 2010 Fried.JPGMichael Fried (2010)     CW5 (Ret.) Michael Fried is a volunteer Assistant S1 (Personnel) for the 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. After culminating 42 years of uniformed U.S. Army service, he was driven to continue to serve our Army, our Nation, and especially the service members he loves so much. For 13 years, he volunteered with the consistency and dependability of a full-time employee. The quality of his work, his work ethic, and the example he sets for our service members daily, truly sets him apart. Mr. Fried embodies the Army values of Selfless Service, Duty and Loyalty.


15 2010 Mohler.JPGVicky Mohler (2010)     Vicky Mohler became the dynamic force behind Support America’s Armed Forces following her son’s deployment to Iraq with the Marine Corps in 2004. She adopted her son’s battalion sending 900 Christmas stockings and 3,000 pounds of goods to the Marines and co-located military troops. What began as a holiday project for 700 Marines is now a full-scale non-profit program that touches thousands of servicemen and women of all branches. Through her volunteer service, more than $40,000 in donations goes back to the military community annually.


16 2011 Buckley.JPGJanice Buckley (2011)     Janice Buckley founded “Heartbeat-Serving Wounded Warriors” in 2009 to focus on helping service members gain control over health challenges and lead productive lives. Through Heartbeat, Ms. Buckley provides emergency assistance, morale building activities and therapeutic services to multiple JBLM units. Heartbeat averages more than $600,000 in donations each year. Her contributions range from personally caring for Wounded Warriors to providing holiday dinners, to donating clothing and travel expenses. Ms. Buckley’s support of JBLM has been unparalleled.


17 2011 Schmeling.JPGHerbert Schmeling (2011)     After having served 30 years on active duty, retired Command Sgt. Maj.  Herbert C. Schmeling continues to serve service members and their families. He volunteers full-time with multiple organizations that support service members in the Puget Sound Region. He has personally bid farewell to more than 40,000 service members as they deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Schmeling’s volunteerism has impacted almost every aspect of the military life. It is estimated that since his retirement in 2001, he has influenced the collection and distribution of more than $1 million worth of monetary and in-kind donations and service to support service members, military families, veterans, retirees and military support programs.

18 2012 Jenkins.JPGTamara Jenkins (2012)     Former Mayor of DuPont, Washington, Tamara Jenkins’ devotion to her community and the service members of JBLM is unparalleled. Mrs. Jenkins’ strong leadership and ability to draw direct support from the DuPont Community and key leaders has been instrumental in organizing an array of major community events and support. Her efforts have also resulted in the receiving of contributions in the amount of $26,690 in cash and an estimated $40,000 in donated items in direct support of deployed troops. Mrs. Jenkins is a committed champion of both service members and their families. She is truly an altruistic servant, quiet professional, and caring community leader with a deep compassion for the United States Military.

19 2012 Swarner.JPGKen Swarner (2012)     Mr. Ken Swarner, publisher of The Ranger and Northwest Airlifter newspapers, has been actively involved in the JBLM community for over 30 years. His generosity and commitment stems from his deep personal and professional connections to Soldiers and their families. His actions have directly focused on enhancing the quality of life of military families of deployed service members. In garrison, they are numerous and are continually driven by his sincere desire to give back to the local military community. He is a true selfless servant, quiet professional, and highly respected community leader and advocate of the United States Military. Mr. Swarner also serves as Association of the U.S. Army DuPont Chapter Sub-Chapter President and as Co-Chairman for the Military Affairs Committee for the City of Lakewood.

20 2013 Joseph.JPGCarlene Joseph (2013)     Current Vice President of Community Development at Harborstone Credit Union, Carlene Joseph drive is to benefit military service members at JBLM. Her community involvement include positions as Pierce Military Business Alliance President, which donates ~ $100,000 per year and awards grants to benefit the military. President (elect) McChord Chapter of the Air Force Association, President of the Association of the United States Army Captain Meriwether Lewis Chapter and its 11 sub-chapters which increased donations from $18,000 to $125,000, Chairman Lacey Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee, Alternate Chairman Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber Military Affairs Committee, Southwest Region Chairman for the Washington State Army Advisory Board in support of military recruiting, and as a Puyallup-Sumner Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors member.

21 2014 Shalikashvili.JPGJoan Shalikashvili (2014)     Joan Shalikashvili has been an active supporter of service members at JBLM since she, and her late husband former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Shalikashvili, moved to the area following his retirement in 1997. She actively serves on the board of the directors of the USO – Puget Sound, and volunteers at the “Shali” center. Joan assists in the campaign to raise USO funds that provide care packages to thousands of military members deploying to combat through JBLM. Joan also attends nearly every ceremony, memorial and dedication at JBLM – making her one of the most beloved figures in this community.

22 2015 Tiemeyer.JPGAmy Tiemeyer (2015)     America’s Credit Union Military Relations Liaison Amy Tiemeyer supports JBLM by taking on key volunteer duties on base to include president of the Captain Meriwether Lewis chapter of the Association of the United States Army, and support for AUSA sub-chapters, president of the McChord Field chapter of the Air Force Association, and Navy League Executive Council member. She supported JBLM Better Opportunities for Single Service Members, base leadership graduations, JBLM newcomer orientations, the Lewis Community Spouses Club, Army and Air Force balls, JBLM elementary schools, the Boys and Girls Club of America, and more. She also promotes new leaders by supporting Junior ROTC programs in area high schools.

23 2016 Caulfield.JPGJohn Caulfield (2016)     As the City Manager of the City of Lakewood beginning in September 2013, John Caulfield immediately developed plans for how Lakewood could best support JBLM via the Community Connections program. Mr. Caulfield was responsible for invigorating the South Sound Military and Communities Partnership by taking a direct leadership role in steering SSMCP activities toward areas of mutual interest between the organization and JBLM. His efforts focused on improvements to access roads, and road infrastructure, improved school conditions for JBLM families, and enhancing mutual aid partnerships between JBLM and Lakewood. Mr. Caulfield was also involved with the I-5 corridor project, the Washington Military Alliance and the Real ID Compliance Act.

24 2016 Farrells.JPGJohn and Margaret Farrell (2016)     For more than 10 years, John and Margaret Farrell supported the troops and families of JBLM through their restaurants, Farrelli’s and McNamara’s. The Farrells support included building a “Farrelli’s” in Iraq for the 555th Engineer Brigade, providing the JBLM Better Opportunities for Single Service Members program with $100,000 of burgers and pizzas for redeploying troops, collecting $2,000 for JBLM’s Santa’s Castle, and contributing $10,000 to the JBLM Fisher House. The Farrells have also support the “Pilot for a Day” program, and generously supported multiple military organizations and fundraisers. The Farrell’s are also avid supporters of “wear blue: run to remember,” the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and American Legion Post 53.

25 2018 Findlay2.jpgMary Findlay (2018)     A strong JBLM supporter and Army spouse of 34 years, Mary ran Suits for Service Members to provide transitioning service members with new or gently used business attire -- at no charge -- to wear during civilian job interviews. From its 2011 inception until March 2018, this program helped more than 6,500 transitioning service members. In 2017, Mary drove 9,000 miles collecting donations to help troops at JBLM, Naval Base Kitsap Bangor and Bremerton, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and Camp Murray. She dedicated 160 hours per month to this program. Western Washington and Portland-area residents have donated more than 13,000 items. Mary first ran this program from her home, but she relocated to the basement of Steilacoom's Town Hall in order to house more than 2,000 items of business clothing. Mary also ran the JBLM Hawk Transitions Center's Suits for Service Members program. She passed away Dec. 1, 2018.

26 2019 Anderson.jpg

Mayor Don Anderson (2019)     Lakewood's Mayor Don Anderson strongly supports the relationship between Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Lakewood, which dates back to World War I. His successes include obtaining almost $500 million for transportation improvements along the I-5 corridor that fronts JBLM and $2.5 million to address encroachment in the McChord Field North Clear Zone. The mayor has also made a difference in the lives of local service members and their families by hosting events such as the Military Appreciation Day held May 23, 2019, at Lakewood’s Fort Steilacoom Park for the 2-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team.  His advocacy on behalf of JBLM in Olympia, Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon demonstrates the support that exists in our region for JBLM, its service members and families.   

Mayor Andy Ryder (2021)    446th Airlift Wing honorary commander, Lacey Mayor Ryder’s lasting contribution to JBLM is the Lacey Veterans Services Hub founded in 2014. The Hub connects veterans in Thurston County to more than 60 partners’ services. In 2019 the hub served more than 7,000 veterans, assisting with VA benefits, mental health counseling and more. The hub has now expanded to an 8,000 square-foot facility to serve veterans on and off JBLM. Mayor Ryder also started the Military Communities Council at the National League of Cities serving as the council’s vice chair in 2015. The Council includes leaders from communities where a military installation is a dominant factor. Taking care of veterans and their families remains a top priority for Mayor Ryder.


Mark Minickiello (2023)     As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Mr. Mark Minickiello has made it a personal mission to serve the McChord community at JBLM to the best of his abilities. Through his work at Harborstone Credit Union, he volunteers his time to offer financial education to Airmen at the First Term Airmen Center and has secured Harborstone’s contribution to the Operation Warm Heart to provide grants, cash, gift cards and food vouchers to Airmen, Air Force civilians and contractors from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  Additionally, he has fundraised for Airmen and family events, as well as volunteered on McChord family event planning committees. He supported the McChord Field's First Sergeants by providing generous donations to its off-site training and professional development events and provided support for the Team McChord Cup Golf Tournament whose proceeds support local Airmen, the Pilot for a Day program, the Air Force Association and Daedalians scholarships.

Bill Adamson (2024)    A U.S. Army retiree, Mr. Adamson served as the South Sound Military & Communities Partnership (SSMCP) director since 2016. He created a collaborative partnership from all levels of governments of more than 50-member cities, counties, the Nisqually Indian Tribe, JBLM, regional, corporate and nonprofit organizations. He and SSMCP led a comprehensive study showing JBLM’s annual economic impact exceeds $15B, he helped advance I-5 highway projects resulting in the state setting aside $495M for I-5 JBLM corridor improvements, and $75M for preliminary engineering related to the I-5 Nisqually Delta crossing. SSMCP performed several housing studies and helped reduce barriers for military spouses transferring out-of-state licenses. He’s turned SSMCP into a strong organization with many voices that provides JBLM and its military families with non-partisan support—essential keys to SSMCP’s success.

Mary Moss (2024)    Mary Moss served McChord Field for 36 years at Harborstone Credit Union, retiring in 2013 as the community relations manager. Since, she has served on the Lakewood City Council, as Lakewood deputy mayor, and serves as the secretary for the Washington State Air and Space Forces Association, and more. Through her involvement with the Air Force Association, she helps educate the public about the critical role of aerospace power in national defense while she supports the United States Air Force and Air Force families. She honors Airmen who graduate from the Julius A. Kolb Airman Leadership School at JBLM on behalf of the Air and Space Forces Association by awarding the distinguished graduate with a gift as recognition for their hard work.  Through the association she has also helped raise funds to donate hundreds of turkeys and hams to Air Force families during the holiday season.

John Simpson (2024)    A U.S. Air Force retiree, Mr. Simpson served as a Ranger newspaper photojournalist/writer, a history professor emeritus at Pierce College, and as a Lakewood City Council member for seven years. As a reporter, he covered JBLM Service members for more than three decades, often sharing their experiences first-hand. He covered training at YTC and NTC, embedded with JBLM Stryker Brigades five times in Iraq (2005, 2006, 2007 (twice), 2008) and three times in Afghanistan (2007, 2009, 2012), and went on more than 150 missions. No Pacific Northwest photojournalist has spent more time embedded than him. He was nominated for an Emmy in 2007. His Iraq and Afghanistan photos are on permanent display at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle Barracks. He accomplished an unparalleled level of service to the heritage of JBLM and most importantly to JBLM Service members and their families.