The Reassignment Processing Center’s primary mission is to ensure Soldiers and their family members are afforded the opportunity to have a smooth Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. In addition to providing PCS orders, the Reassignment Processing Center also oversees all family travel requests, process official passport applications and manage installation out-processing.

Reassignment Process

The personnel reassignment process verifies the eligibility of Soldiers who receive assignment instructions. If Soldier is eligible, PCS orders are published upon completion of online levy brief and submission of levy packet.

The online levy brief provides guidance on completing the levy packet and provides additional information Soldiers should be aware of during the reassignment process.

Levy packets are submitted to Soldier’s servicing S-1 for verification of completeness then submission to the Reassignments Processing Center.

NOTES: PCS orders are processed and published according to report date. For example, a Soldier with a March report date will receive orders before a Soldier with a June report date.

The report date does not change because early report is authorized. HRC does not determine the priority for orders publication on the installation; therefore, personnel should be sure to make all arrangements and plans accordingly, especially during the "summer surge" (March-August) and the fiscal year change over (August-November).

JPPSO Peak Season 2023 Tips: We encourage all service members to get their PCS orders as soon as possible.  Visit Military One Source to start the move process or visit your local Joint Personal Property Shipping Office located at 2140 Liggett Avenue on Lewis Main (253-967-5093).  Please keep in mind the follow options:

  • Option one: The government picks up the household goods and places them into an origin storage facility until a Department of Defense moving company can move it forward to the destination with some delays expected. 
  • Option two: Solider conducts a PPM from the residence to a local self-storage facility and receives actual cost reimbursement until the government can schedule a DOD moving company to move it to the destination. An ACR allows reimbursement, which could be significantly higher than normal government contracted rates.

  • Option three: The Soldier conducts a full PPM at 100 percent of what the government would pay a moving company to move all of the household goods from the origin to the destination duty station. This option is not recommended for Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) moves.

  • Option four: The Soldier receives an ACR memorandum from the transportation office to hire a commercial moving company with a minimum of two commercial invoice estimates.

You will need at least 25 to 30 days of transportation processing prior to starting your move.  Pick-up of your household goods should be the first engagement before selling your house, expiring lease and travel ticket purchases.

Out Processing

Installation out-processing procedures are in accordance with AR 600-8-101.

The DA Form 137-1 (Unit Clearance Record) and the DA Form 137-2 (Installation Clearance Record) are the two forms that will guide Soldiers through the clearing process and specify which agencies Soldiers must clear prior to departing JBLM.

The DA Form 137-1 is issued by Soldier’s servicing BN S-1 and the Reassignment Processing Center issues the DA Form 137-2. Forms printed from the Army Publishing Directorate website, are not accepted.

Soldiers may initiate the clearing process 33 days prior to the start of their leave. Upon initiation, Soldier is entered into the out-processing system for pre-clearance (reducing the number of agencies required to clear in-person). Soldier is given a specific date and time in which they will receive the Installation out-processing brief and then their Installation Clearing Packet.

Please review the out-processing flyer to ensure required forms are available.

Please click here for out-processing flyer.


The following are directed by OPORD 411-20 and all concerned FRAGOs and can be found at: https://army.deps.mil/army/cmds/ICORPS_G3/cuops/orders/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/

-Soldiers traveling from, through or to any restricted locations require a waiver to PCS. Waivers are approved by the first O-6 commander in a Soldier’s chain of command.

-Travel restrictions are based off the IMCOM COVID Placemat; located at: https://army.deps.mil/army/cmds/imcom_G3/CAT/Corona_Virus/SitePages/NewHome.aspx

-At this time, Hawaii, Alaska and other U.S. territories are considered CONUS for leave purposes, therefore leave in conjunction with PCS travel is authorized.

-All other OCONUS locations require a COVID-19 test and are not authorized leave in conjunction with PCS travel.

-Soldiers traveling to overseas locations will not receive a “final-out” stamp on Installation clearing packets. Packets are stamped and released when Soldier’s servicing S-1 supplies the Reassignment Processing Center with a departure transaction from eMILPO.

Required Documents

(You must have a PDF reader installed to view the documents.)

Exception To Policy for BAH WaiversLevy Packet Documents
Family Travel StatementFirst Termer Statement
First Termer StatementTDY Option Statement
Homebase/Advance Assignment Program (HAAP) StatementDeferment and Deletion Screening Form
Temporary Duty (TDY) Option StatementLevy Packet Checklist
Exception To Policy for BAH WaiversFamily Travel Packet Documents
Family Travel StatementFamily Travel Application Instructions
First Termer StatementPacket Checklist
Homebase/Advance Assignment Program (HAAP) StatementFamily Travel Acknowledgement
Temporary Duty (TDY) Option StatementKorea Declaration Statement Sample
DA Form 4036 (Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement)Mainland Japan Declaration Statement Sample
DA Form 4787 (Reassignment Processing)Okinawa Declaration Statement Sample
DA Form 5121 (Overseas Tour Election Statement)DA Form 5121 (Overseas Election Tour Statement)
DA Form 5888 (Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet)DA Form 5888 (Family Memeber Deployment Screening Sheet)
DA Form 7246 (Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening QuestionnaireDA Form 4787 (Reassignment Processing)
Levy Notification Information SheetDA Form 7246 Exceptional Family Memeber Program (EFMP) Screening Questionnaire