The Directorate of Plans, Training, Aviation, Mobilization and Security provides operational support to all elements of JBLM  in the areas of regional personnel and information security, installation emergency response planning and execution, mobilization, demobilization, deployment and redeployment, coordination and synchronization of training on the installation, individual schooling and training, aviation management and operations, regional TADSS support, live training management and safety oversight (virtual and constructive under SGO).

Training Division

The division is responsible for the planning and management of all training enablers at JBLM and works closely with Yakima Training Center. The division oversees all training infrastructure including ranges/training areas, classrooms, simulations and simulators, battle command and billeting to support external units training on JBLM. Additionally, the division oversees all JBLM Visual Information Systems support.

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Aviation Division

The aviation division establishes aviation oversight, inspection and standardization, advises YTC and JBLM commanders on all aviation related matters, serves as point of contact for all FAA related matters and coordinates and oversees installation aviation planning, training and budget.

Plans, Operations And Mobilization Division

The Plans, Operations and Moblization division develops installation level plans and exercises for mobilizing reserve component forces to support contingency and emergency operations and coordinates and manages training, training facilities, material and security for outstanding domestic military operations and mobilizing units. The DPTMS Plans and Operations Division is responsible for the planning and execution of plans in order to sync installation functions and posture the installation in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. The division is also responsible for coordination of mobilization functions and synchronizing the deployment of both AC and RC forces from JBLM.

Security Division

The Security Division manages the installation’s Personnel Security and Security Education and Training programs and also provides support to directorates and tenant organizations in Information and Industrial Security Directorates and tenant organizations within regulation of protection of National Defense Information.