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DA Photo Studio at JBLM (formerly the EMC) provides:


Due to budget constraints and limited resources we have discontinued service for the following...

  • Sound and Presentation support for live events.
  • Video recording support such as training videos or commander briefings.
  • Printing of Large/Medium format graphical training aids, operational trackers, etc.

Contact DLA for printing.

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) of most units can provide video recording support.




Photo Services

Photo Studio

The staff at our two fully-digital photo studios will ensure your DA or command photo looks professional.
We can print color glossy 8x10's on site and provide digital versions of your image for posting to your unit's approved External Official Social Media or websites. 

The Photo Studio operates on an appointment-based system only; walk-ins are not accepted.
Book an appointment for a studio shoot by visiting: jblmdaphotostudio.setmore.com webpage

For command photos, please be sure to bring your unit colors/guidon for display in the background of the image.

Command Photos
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Discontinued --- Video Services

Discontinued --- Video Production

Contact your unit's PAO section for support.

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Discontinued --- Graphics

Doscontinued --- Graphics

Contact DLA for support

Liz Rodriques-Santiago at ??? 

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Discontinued --- Sound & Presentation

Sound & Presentation - Discontinued

See PAO for help

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