Hall of Fame



Colonel Walton A. Phillips


Colonel Walton A. Phillips was born in 1931 in Ashland, Alabama. He began his military career in 1953 as a Second Lieutenant after receiving a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) from Auburn University.


During his more than two decades as a Chemical Corps officer, Colonel Phillips served in numerous assignments in the United States and abroad including a tour as a Chemical Officer in South Vietnam.


At the time the Chemical School was moved from Maryland back to Fort McClellan to be re-started, Colonel Phillips was given the assignment to re-build the school as the Assistant Commandant. It was his initiatives that rapidly built the school from almost nothing to a major educational and training institution.

Colonel Phillips was able to perform his great service to the Corps because he was already assigned to what remained of the Corps under the Ordnance School. He had built the Chemical side of the Ordnance school prior to it moving into one of the most important parts of the Ordnance School’s training. The Chemical School would not be what it is today without the initial foundation laid by Colonel Phillips.

Colonel Walton A. Phillips resides in Anniston, Alabama and is very active in the Chemical Corps Regimental Association.