Public Works (PW) Signs
About PW Signs:
  • Public Works performs sign production, mounting and removal of exterior building signs for directorates, brigades, regiments and battalions. PW does not fabricate signs for squadrons or companies. Name plates for signs may also be requested.
    • New signs, including name change signs, roads and unit identification signs, will require a memo submitted by the unit.
    • The memo may be sent via email, fax or delivered by hard copy to customer service for review and processing.
When requesting for BDE/REGT/BN or director-level name plates for signs, memorandum must include: point of contact with phone number, building number of sign location, proper spelling and rank for the new name plate, and type of new name sign.
Existing Exterior Signs
Name Plates for Existing Exterior Signs:

PW will create new name plates for existing exterior signs with a request submitted by memorandum from the first sergeant or above, or civilian equivalent, to PW, ATTN: customer service. Requesting memorandums are also accepted via fax (253) 966-1690 or email to Customer Service memorandum must include: POC with phone number, building number of sign location, proper spelling and rank for the new nameplate and type of new name sign.
  • EQR - Please note: Lewis-McChord Communities is responsible for all base housing pest issues that are the size of a raccoon and smaller.
  • Public Works will address all larger pest issues.
  • Military Police are responsible for stray dogs and cats.
Name Signs
  • Standard battalion slip-in name sign: 6"X46" beige plastic with brown letters, one or two sided.
  • Standard Brigade/Directorate hanging name sign: 8"X48" brown painted board with white letters, one or two sided.
  • Slide-in holder office name (ex: LTC JOHN DOE) sign: 2 3/8"X20" PVC beige with brown letters; usually a pair.
  • Screw-on large office name (ex: LTC JOHN DOE) sign: 2 3/8X18" PVC beige with brown letters; usually one sign.
  • Screw-on large North Fort sign: 4"X36" beige with brown letters; always one sign.
  • Questions regarding exterior signs can be directed to (253) 967-3131.
Signs (253) 967-3131
Signs for Identifying
In general, Public Works provides signs for identifying:
  • Perimeter/boundaries, areas, and buildings
  • Unit identifications signs, and commanding officer/sergeant major at or above battalion levels
  • Traffic control and directional signs
  • Fire prevention and approved safety signs
Regulation 420-10 further describes specifications and responsibilities for permanent sign design, production, placement and removal. Signs installed without PW authorization will be removed. Permanent signs shall be requested by submitting a memo to Customer Service. If you have questions regarding signs on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, please call (253) 967-3131.
Interior Signs
Where to order:
  • Interior signs can be requested from DCA Marketing by calling (253) 967-5200, or for more information visit