Basic custodial services for Joint Base Lewis-McChord and tenant organizations:

The Joint Base Directorate of Public Works provides custodial services to authorized organizations and facilities assigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The custodial service is required to maintain a safe, healthy and sanitary environment for Soldiers, families and civilian employees at JBLM. It is provided to meet the Installation Management Command Enterprise Municipal Custodial Services Performance Standards, JBLM Memorandum of Agreement, and the Joint Base Common Output Level Standards. The current contract was awarded to Skookum Educational Programs of Bremerton, Washington.

Request for custodial service will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if the requester is authorized to make the request; if the request is authorized and funded; whether reimbursement is required; etc. Some of the determining factors are the unit level (BN, BDE, Division, etc.), the assigned Facility Category Codes, the type of building use, availability of funds, etc. The latest IMCOM Operations Order provides additional guidance in the implementation of the custodial service. For tenant organizations, the rule of thumb is, custodial service will be provided on a reimbursable basis through the use of Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request or Direct Charge Work Breakdown Structure. If any of the mentioned situations above is approved, the Contracting Officer's Representative will process the addition to the contract. Depending on the complexity of the request, contract modification (increase or decrease) could take up to three weeks.

The most common services offered by the custodial contract are sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, stripping and waxing of floors and cleaning and sanitizing restrooms. For the complete list of task and frequency and the level of service, contact the COR.

Any questions should be directed to the contract COR at 253-966-1746. For customer complaint, use this form then email to: and