Month of the Military Child

By Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis, Commanding General

April is the Month of the Military Child. It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contributions of military children to their country and reinforce our commitment to support them through their unique challenges.

My four girls did not choose to serve their nation – I did.  Yet as they grow and learn, and I have grown and learn, I realize that they, like all of our children, serve in their small way too, and they do it with little complaint and full of love. In fact, many of them would not have it any other way because they are just so proud that their parents serve. Even so, it is tough. Their parent, sometimes both parents, the most important people in their lives, miss birthdays, games, and simple trips to the water park. They are heartbroken, and sometimes scared, to leave their friends and teachers when we get orders to a new, far-away duty station. Yet with our help, they have the optimism to be excited for the chance to find their next best friend, explore new places, and learn new things. They deserve celebration for enduring their hardships, all the while loving their parent even more for their service to the country.

It is imperative that we put People First, especially the Military Child ─ we owe it to them. They live unique, challenging lives and are resilient, brave, and proud through it all. Without our children's support, military parents wouldn't easily handle the demanding and important missions we carry out in the Army. Find even small ways to make it known you appreciate and understand their situation. Just like their parents, Fort Jackson is thankful for their service.