SPRC_Sign.jpgThe Drill Sergeant Timothy Kay Soldier Performance Readiness Center is home to the Holistic Health and Fitness teams of both the 165th and 193rd Infantry Brigades. In addition to providing services and resources across all five H2F domains to the Soldiers of the two brigades, the H2F teams also offer classes and events for the entire Fort Jackson community. 

Who is Drill Sergeant Timothy Kay

The Soldier Performance Readiness Center is dedicated in honor of Drill Sergeant  Staff Sgt. Timothy A. Kay.

Kay espoused the highest ideals of the drill sergeant, Fort Jackson and the U.S. Army.

Kay served as a member of the U.S. Army Honor Guard from 2014-2017. He used this time to establish a foundation for fitness, inspiring those around him. This physical discipline and resiliency allowed him to endure his first battle with cancer. In 2018, his cancer entered remission. 

Kay returned to active duty in August of 2018 and became an Army drill sergeant. During his time, Kay shared his story of resiliency, emphasizing how fitness could be the difference between life and death. 

In July of 2021, Kay developed a recurrence with cancer. Despite this diagnosis, Kay continually expressed his desire to train and inspire future Soldiers of the Army. His relentless pursuit of health and fitness allowed him to sustain his second battle with cancer for fourteen months. 

Kay succumbed to complications from his diagnosis in September of 2022. DS Kay was a bona fide example for all past, present, and future soldiers to "NEVER GIVE UP."

Kay Workout of the Day (KWOD)

In honor of  Kay, a workout of the day was developed. Stop by the SPRC to conduct the KWOD and honor the memory of Kay. 

Four rounds for time:
400 meter run
1 rope climb
39 air squats
27 pushups

Drill Sgt. Timothy Kay Video

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What is H2F?

The holistic health and fitness  system is the Army’s primary investment in Soldier readiness and lethality. It seeks to optimize physical and non-physical performance, reduce injury rates, and improve rehabilitation after injury, ultimately increasing the overall readiness of the total Army. The system empowers and equips Soldiers to take charge of their health, fitness, and well-being to optimize individual performance while preventing injury and disease. H2F is an enterprise-wide readiness system that combines all aspects of physical and non-physical human performance optimization under a single governance structure to enable commanders  to improve Soldier health and fitness. This system encompasses five domains:

1. Mental Readiness—The ability to meet the cognitive demands of any task and adapt successfully in the presence of adversity. 

2. Sleep Readiness—The ability to implement the requisite sleep principles and behaviors to support optimal brain and body function.

3. Nutritional Readiness—The ability to recognize, select, and consume the requisite food and drink to meet the physical and non-physical demands of any duty or combat.

4. Spiritual Readiness—The development of personal qualities needed to sustain a person in times of stress, hardship, and tragedy.

5. Physical Readiness—The ability to meet the physical demands of any duty or combat and accomplish the mission.

For more information click the following link to read FM 7-22 Holistic Health and Fitness

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H2F at Fort Jackson

Brigade H2F Teams

Strike Strong H2F Logo Transparent.png   165th Brigade Strike Strong H2F

At Strike Strong H2F, we aim to improve Soldier performance through reducing injury rates, improve rehabilitation and reconditioning, and improve overall morale and effectiveness.  To achieve these goals, we offer a variety of services to our service members.

For more information, visit the 165th Brigade Strike Strong H2F website.

Or follow them on social media: @strikestrong_h2f Instagram.png

193d H2F Logo - ALL WHITE_200px.png   193rd Brigade Bayonet H2F 

The 193rd Infantry Brigade conducts holistic health and fitness (H2F) in order to maintain focus on Soldier readiness and performance. These efforts will optimize physical and non-physical performance, reduce injury rates, improve rehabilitation after injury, help soldiers develop resiliency, and increase overall effectiveness of the Brigade's cadre and trainees. 

For more information visit the 193rd Brigade Bayonet H2F website .

Or follow them on social media at: Bayonet_h2f Instagram.png

U.S. Army H2F Academy

In Addition to the brigade H2F teams, Fort Jackson is home to the U.S. Army H2F Academy. 

The U.S. Army H2F Academy serves as the proponent for physical and non-physical readiness training for the entire Army. AH2FA cadre teach, educate, and train the H2F-Integrator (H2F-I) Course indoctrinating principles of leadership, strength and conditioning, and Holistic Health and Fitness programming. 


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