165th Infantry Brigade unit crest165th Infantry BrigadeMission: The 165th Infantry Brigade transforms volunteer civilians into Soldiers in order to prepare them to successfully complete Advanced Individual Training and contribute to their first units of assignment.

Vision: 165th Infantry Brigade, U.S. Army Training Center (USATC) and Fort Jackson, trains and develops Soldiers in order to build readiness at scale for the U.S. Army and foster an environment where our Soldiers, Army Civilians and Families have every opportunity to excel.

Commander's Intent: Prepare Soldiers to successfully complete Advanced Individual Training  and contribute to their first units of assignment.

Key Tasks:

 - Produce physically fit Soldiers that can shoot, move, communicate and survive; who will be at the forefront of the Army's new fitness and marksmanship programs.

- Empower professionally competent leaders trained to mastery in the Basic Combat Training program of instruction, training management, CSDP, inculcated into their profession and prepared for greater responsibility.

- Sustain a cadre and Initial Entry Training Soldier gender safe environment that promotes and resources responsiveness, fairness and accountability.

- Leaders engaged at all levels.

- Enable and sustain a cohesive, motivated, well-discipline organization.

End State: 165th consistently delivers trained, fit and disciplined Soldiers and returns competent leaders to the operation force.