Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis, Fort Jackson commanding general, speaks during a Community Information Town Hall, or CIT, April 19 at the NCO Club on Fort Jackson. At the event, Michaelis announced Fort Jackson will have a fireworks display in July. It will be the first such event on post in years. (Photo Credit: Robert Timmons)

Fireworks, full-scale exercise announced

By Robert Timmons, Fort Jackson Public Affairs

Fort Jackson will hold a July 4th celebration firework for the first time in years, Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis, post commander, announced during the Community Information Town Hall, April 19.

Michaelis was joined by Col. Ryan Hanson, garrison commander, and representatives from directorates and Partners In Excellence from across the installation.

The CIT is used by post leadership to keep the community informed of upcoming events and to receive feedback from the installation. The town hall is one of many means the post uses to get information out to the public. These include the Fort Jackson Leader, Inside the Wire and social media efforts.

These efforts are to “make sure that everybody here on post has a good awareness of the things we are actually doing,” Michaelis said. “Because there is a lot, it’s actually a great problem to have.” He added there is a “great challenge” to ensure all Soldiers and Family members understand all the opportunities the post has for them.

Michaelis announced that Fort Jackson will have a July 4th celebration this year.

“I am happy to announce that on the Fourth of July this year we will have fireworks,” he said. The event is scheduled for July 2 at Hilton Field. Country Hip-Hop artist Breland is scheduled to perform at the event.

Michaelis spoke briefly about changes made since the last town hall such as COVID precautions, mask policy updates; and upcoming permanent change of station (PCS) move season.

Darryl “Bo” Bowman, director of the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security spoke about an upcoming force protection exercise.

The Department of the Army directed, Installation Management Command-evaluated, Fort Jackson executed exercise will help the post react to various crises.

“This last week helps us realize how important it is that we’re ready on Fort Jackson to deal with these kinds of crisis,” he said referring to a rash of shootings that took place across the country including one at a nearby shopping mall.

“It will be an all-day exercise and this is going to affect everybody,” he said of the planned active shooter exercise schedule to take place May 18. “You can expect something to happen on the installation that will cause you some delays …”

He recommends the Fort Jackson community and installation visitors to “kind of limit your plans that day and know that an exercise is taking place. We will have delays at the gates and all access control points are going to close. Nobody will be able to come on or off post for a set amount of time.”

Traffic will also be backed up because of the exercise as well.

Other highlights of the CIT was Dr. Raymond Burke, principal of Pierce Terrace Elementary School speaking on a new educational opportunity for Soldiers residing off-post; Ricardo Hernandez, garrison housing manager, elaborating on PCS Season; and Judy Boley, director of Fort Jackson Family Homes (formerly known as Balfour Beatty) announcing upcoming housing events.

A spouse’s social, hosted by Bonnie Michaelis, was held immediately after the CIT.

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