Fort Jackson's Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers program will be hosting a concealed weapons permit class soon. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Quinn Hurt)

BOSS offers Soldiers training for CWP application

By Alexandra Shea

Fort Jackson Public Affairs

Fort Jackson’s Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers program is offering single and geographical bachelor and bachelorettes an opportunity to receive the necessary training to apply for their conceal weapons permit in South Carolina.

“You can take your range card downtown, but that’s only part of the process” said Sgt. 1st Class Brenda Strange, BOSS president. “It’s all about safety and there is more education needed to get your CWP.”

While Soldiers are offered an opportunity to skip the range portion of concealed weapon permit training due to the nature of their jobs, they are still required to take weapon safety training for the written test in addition to know what to do when faced with police officers while concealed carrying in public.

BOSS sought professionals to teach the required training through a veteran owned and operated range facility located in West Columbia. The training opportunity will cost interested Soldiers $100 per person. The fee includes all classes, testing, pistol rental, ammunition and range time.

“It’s a good deal since ammunition is expensive now and hard to come by,” Strange said. “And you don’t have to clean up after.”

At the completion of the eight hour class, students will have the necessary training to receive their certificate of completion needed to fill out the CWP application through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

“The class will tell you where you can and can’t conceal carry,” Strange said. “The class also helps you know what states are reciprocal when you PCS and what to do if you get pulled over and have a weapon in the car. Having knowledge is the most important piece.”

Registration for the class will continue until the day prior through the website.

“I will attend if slots are available. As soon as we released the information, everybody was all hands in,” said Sgt. Malinda Crummitt, BOSS vice president. “If it’s this popular, I know there will be another class I can get into.”

Crummitt and Strange explained if the maximum class number is reached, an additional class will be made available on the registration website.

Those interested in attending the class can contact their local BOSS representative or by visiting the BOSS Facebook page.