Fort Jackson has renamed numerous roads and streets on post that were named after Confederate leaders, battles and units. This effort is part of the efforts to rename Department of Defense installations, streets, buildings and ships with names commemorating the Confederacy. These names changes, effective Jan. 1, 2024,  have already been made by the U.S. Postal Service. 

Road Names

Existing Names

Anderson St

Beauregard St

Benning Rd

Bragg St

Capers Ct

Cheatham St

Chestnut Rd

Chickamauga Rd

Cleburne St

Connor St

Cook School Rd

Daniel Cir

Daniel Cir

Dearing Loop

Dixie Rd

Drayton St

Early St

Elliott St

Evans Ct

Ewell Rd

Ferguson Ave

Forney St

Forrest Dr

Gilmer Ct

Gordon Ave

Gregg St

Hampton Pkwy

Hardee St

Hill St

Hood St

Huger Ave

Imboden St

Iverson Rd

Jenkins Rd

Kemper St

Lee Rd

Longstreet Ave

Magruder Ave

Manigault St - N

Manigault St - S

Robert Lee Rd

Scales Ave

Semmes Rd

Shenandoah Ave

Stuart Ave -n

Stuart Ave -c

Stuart Ave-s

Sumter Ave

Teliaferro St

Terrel Ct

Washington Light Infantry Road

Wheeler St -N

Wheeler St -S

Winder St

Winder St

New Name 

Washington Ave

Meuse Argonne St

Cherbourg St

Meuse Argonne St

Blackstocks Farm Ct

Roer River St

4th Div Road

Wagon Wheel Rd

Kings Mountain

Hanging Rock St

Breach Inlet Rd

King's Mountain St

Cowpens St

Waxhaws Loop

Hurtgen Forest Rd

Fort Sullivan Way

Mekong Delta St

Eutaw Springs Way

Port Royal Ct

Utah Beach Rd

Bar Nothing St

Alsace St

Hurtgen Forest Rd

Ninety Six Ct

San Juan St

Lorraine St

Tank Hill Pkwy

31st Div Rd

Champion Hill St

Scouts Out St

Just Cause St

Lighthorse St

Ruhr Pocket St

30th Div Rd

Lightning St

Liberty Div Rd

Pusan Perimeter St

Century Div Ave

Saint Mihiel Ave

Bayonet Ave

Parkers Ferry Rd

5th Div Ave

Inchon Rd

Saint Lo Rd

5th Div Rd

26th Div Rd

8th Div Rd

Sightseeing Div Ave

Johnson Street

Moncks Corner Ct

Dills Bluff Rd

77th Div Ave

101st Div Ave

Leyte Dragons Way

Urgent Fury St

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