Fort Jackson community members clean up around the water system areas on post Oct. 14. The cleanup helps to keep contaminants out of the post water supply and echo system. Lisa Mcknight, Fort Jackson environmental scientist said cleaning up the pollutants keeps them out of the larger water systems in the Midlands. (Courtesy Photo) 


Cleanup prevents water system contamination

Leader Staff Reports

Members of the Fort Jackson Environmental Division led a cleanup of areas in and around water systems on post.

Water systems were chosen because this is the 50th anniversary of the passing of the landmark Clean Water Act of 1972. The CWA is a regulation governing pollution control and water quality of our nation's waterways.

Members of the team worked to clean and remove trash from creeks, lakes and retention ponds.

Lisa Mcknight, Fort Jackson environmental scientist said, “Aside from the regulatory requirements that must be abided in the private and public sectors, this clean up prevents pollutants from staying in our communities water systems and traveling into the larger water systems that serve the Greater Columbia community.”

William Sexton, Fort Jackson Fire Inspector, and member of the cleanup said, "The Basic Combat Training mission on Fort Jackson, which we all work under, requires a lot of resources. It's so important to get out on the ground and remove trash and pollutants and properly dispose of them."

The Fort Jackson Fire Department took the opportunity to clean around their areas removing brush, debris and trash from retention ponds.

Sexton added the hopes the community will continue to embrace cleaning up the post. “When they do, we ask them to share on social media and tag the Fort Jackson Environmental office Facebook page."

Mcknight said, "November 15 is America Recycles Day and we are holding an event at the Fort Jackson Recycling Center, which will include a shred day. Stay tuned for further details."