The LRC provides Garrison logistical programs and services that enable activity and tenant readiness. These include: receiving, storing, issuing, and managing retail supplies; providing Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE); managing Clothing Initial Issue Point (CIIP); providing field (tactical) and selected national (sustainment) maintenance services; providing transportation management services; managing hazardous materials; providing installation dining facility services; and providing installation-level planning for mission, training, deployment, and mobilization support. The LRC consists of four divisions: Materiel Maintenance Support; Plans and Operations; Transportation and Supply & Services

Central Issue Facility (CIF):

  • Customer Service: (803) 751-7213

Key Personnel:

  • The Director of LRC may be reached at:
    3295 Alsace Street
    Fort Jackson, SC. 29207

  • The Chief of Materiel Maintenance Support:
    2602 Liberty Division Rd
    Fort Jackson, SC. 29207

  • The Chief of Plans and Operations:
    3295 Alsace Street
    Fort Jackson, SC. 29207

  • The Chief of Transportation:
    2606 Liberty Division Street
    Fort Jackson, SC. 29207

  • The Chief of Supply and Service:
    3295 Alsace Street
    Fort Jackson, SC. 29207

    Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) Directory

  • Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) Directory