Day One In-processing

Please show up on your assigned day in the Army Combat Uniform with all required paperwork (see Documents Section), notepad and pen.

Click here to view the In-Processing Schedule.

What documents to bring:



  • A copy of your orders
  • DA 31 (Leave Form)
  • Medical records
  • Dental records
  • Military Personnel File (not required)
  • Necessary copies for in-processing will be made for you at the Reception Desk upon your arrival.



  • All copies of your orders
  • DA 31 (Leave Form)
  • Copy of Sponsor and Welcome Letter
  • Copy of initial enlistment
  • Copy of promotion orders (if applicable)
  • All personal documents including marriage certificate, birth certificates for spouse, children and yourself, EFMP, etc.
  • Travel receipts and weigh voucher for DIY moves
  • Any other documents specified in the special instructions of your orders
  • Any other documents provided to you during the departure of your previous station