The Public Affairs Office (PAO) supports the garrison by communicating on behalf of the installation and its leadership - providing clear, accurate, timely information to internal & external audiences. We employ a variety of communication strategies - including Media Relations, Community Relations, and Command Information products.

Media Relations
Responds to media queries, conducts press conferences, produces media advisories, escorts media, and assists with the dissemination of information to service members and their families employees on post and to people living in local communities. We ask that anyone acting in a professional media capacity contact public affairs to obtain information or set up interviews with experts. This will ensure that information is factual and accurate.

Community Relations
We strive to foster a positive working relationship with the people of the greater Kansas City area. We work closely with local organizations, city and government officials, chambers of commerce, and communities surrounding Fort Leavenworth. We also support partnerships between military organizations and local civic organizations.

To request military participation or display items for your organization or special event:
Open and fill out "Request for Armed Forces participation in public events". (DD Form 2536)
View additional information before filling out the form.
Email the completed form to:

You MUST complete and submit the form by the deadlines noted below!
Available resources and deadlines to submit request:
Military Speakers (minimum 30-day notice required)
Color Guard (minimum 60-day notice required)
Displays (minimum 60-day notice required)
Salute Battery (minimum 60-day notice required)
Flag Loan (minimum 60-day notice required)

Command Information
We provide a weekly civilian enterprise newspaper titled "The Fort Leavenworth Lamp".
Send requests for postings in the Lamp to

Other Command Information products:
- This garrison public website
- Official Public Affairs social media sites
- On post mass emailing
- Marquee (corner of Grant Ave. and Cody Road).

Email us for posts or changes:

Annual Fort Leavenworth Statistics
This document contains the demographic figures of the community during the Fiscal Year (FY) 1 October to 30 September.

FY 2021 Statistics
FY 2020 Statistics
FY 2019 Statistics
FY 2018 statistics
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FY 2016 Statistics
FY 2015 Statistics
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