Combined Arms Center Description
Munson Army Health Clinic (MAHC)
The Frontier Army Museum’s main gallery highlights the efforts of the Frontier Army in exploration, expansion and protection of the Trans-Mississippi West from the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804) to the chase of Pancho Villa by General John Pershing (1916). The museum offers a unique look at the tools of soldiering used throughout this time period. The Fort Leavenworth gallery highlights the importance of Fort Leavenworth's role in the exploration and expansion of the nation throughout the nineteenth century as well as its continuing role in soldier education.
Army garrisons, also called an installation or post, are communities that provide many of the same types of services expected from any small town. Like other towns, we have different organizations, that are located on the Garrison. Their websites will provide the latest information on who they are, services they offer and special events.