Mission Training Complex - Leavenworth serves as a one-stop training resource for Commanders and Senior Leaders that provides integrated Mission Command training for Division / Brigade / Battalion Commanders and their staffs. MTC-LVN synchronizes Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP) capabilities to instruct the art and science of Mission Command by utilizing the Operations Process, the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), and the Mission Command System.

MTC-LVN provides over 45,000 square feet of configurable indoor training and classroom space, located on a complex of 55 acres. The location includes two field sites; a newly constructed barracks; a gym that boasts a weight room and cardio equipment along with four ACFT lanes; a DFAC with overflow seating that can feed a battalion plus; TOCs for training and exercises; classrooms, auditoriums, offices, and conference rooms that can be configured to accommodate conferences or staff training. The field sites and facility are large enough to hold a division level Command Post Exercise (CPX) or a national level conference such as the Multi-component Joint assessment (MCJA). On-site barracks include 560 beds in 10-person, 20-person, and 2-person rooms. Lodging includes use of two laundry rooms and large common areas with vending machines.
  • Synchronize and facilitate MCTSP capabilities for unit home station training
  • Support ARNG Divisions, Brigades, and Battalions
  • Synchronize and facilitate training requests between MCTSP and units
  • Provide training space
  • Provide network infrastructure
  • Provide life support (lodging, dining facility, transportation)
  • Provide support for training, conferences, and classrooms