Instill policies and procedures for a comprehensive Garrison Safety Program. Provide technical advice to the Garrison Commander and staff on integration of safety and risk management into all missions and functions within the command.

Additional services we provide are:

  • Plan and organize Unit Safety Officer (USO) assignments.
  • Conduct on-site safety inspections of garrison facilities and tenant command operations.
  • Manage the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training. See important information below.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training

All U.S. military personnel who operate a motorcycle and/or scooter are required to present a valid Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) card and their CAC card to Gate Security Officers prior to entering the installation. Personnel who fail to present a valid MSF or CAC card will be denied access to the installation.

During times that no motorcycle safety courses are available on Fort Leavenworth, riders may seek training through a local MSF training provider at their own expense. Click for a list of local MSF training providers.

Employee/Workplace Safety Form Library - CAC/Fort Leavenworth fillable checklists

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