The Training Office is responsible for:

  • Reserving all training areas & ceremony / event sites (see list below)
  • Unit ammunition requirements
  • Registering IMCOM students in Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)
  • Provide range certification training for military and privately owned weapons use


Kinder Range
Kinder is a 25 / 35 meter weapons range which can be used for military zeroing, alternate qualification, and familiarization. When military training is not being conducted, it can be used for firing Privately Owned Weapons (POW).
Individuals that run Kinder Range for weapons training must send designated individuals to a DPTMS run range certification course. POW firers must attend a separate course.

Military Certification
Range certification for military use of Kinder Range is conducted weekly.
Training is conducted every Thursday at 1400.
Only Officers in Charge (OIC) and Range Safety Officers (RSOs) need to attend.
Reservations are highly recommended. To request a reservation call (913) 684-0056 / 4448.

POW Certification
To fire your POW on Kinder Range you must have a valid FT LVN POW range card.
Testing is conducted at DPTMS every week on Wednesday from 1300-1500.
Reservations are suggested but not required.
To request a reservation call (913) 684-0056 / 4448.

Training Areas Calendar
The calendars below covers all training areas on Fort Leavenworth. The calendar is subject to change on short notice. The most up-to-date calendar is located at the Staff Duty office in Garrison HQ, and posted on the East Dock wall. Military training takes precedence over all other training area usage.

View the Training Areas Calendar: PDF / Excel

For reservation of training areas and ceremony / event sites below, call (913) 684-0056 / 4448:
Kinder Range
Zais Park Gazebo
Main Parade Field
Buffalo Soldier Monument
Boy & Girl Scout Camps-Military use (For civilian use, contact FMWR's Outdoor Recreation)
Land Navigation
CBRN Chamber
Training Areas A-G

The Training Office can't help you with the Digital Training Management System (DTMS). Please contact them directly. DTMS Helpdesk, call (913) 684-2700 or email: