Fort Leavenworth is determined to execute an aggressive protection program to protect its personnel, their families, facilities, and materiel resources against terrorist attack. The goal is to deter attack by establishing a layered defense; one that maintains access control at the perimeter, implements baseline antiterrorism physical security measures as force protection levels escalate, and establish security for identified critical assets.
The desired end state is a comprehensive antiterrorism program that effectively:
(1) Saves lives and prevents human injury
(2) Minimizes mission degradation
(3) Protects government property.
Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to Army forces. Extremist ideologies and separatist movements continue to have an anti-western and anti-U.S. orientation which threatens our nation, and our Army must sustain a strong defensive posture to prevent terrorist acts and protect Army critical assets (people, critical infrastructure and sensitive information). Complacency provides the enemy with a critical intangible of war - opportunity.

The Army understands the security challenges and threat opportunity and is fully capable of managing complacency when and where necessary. Antiterrorism provides the defensive element of the Army combating terrorism program. Effective antiterrorism measures integrate a multitude of security programs which ensure protection of our people, information, infrastructure, installations, facilities, and forces.

As the Army restores balance and builds essential capacity for the future, four Army imperatives frame the work ahead: sustain, prepare, reset and transform. These imperatives cut across our entire force. As such, effective antiterrorism plans, information management, counter-measures, training, education, awareness, and resources must integrate holistically to support the Army imperatives.
Be aware and report concerns. NOTE: If you believe an act of terrorism is imminent, call 911.  The Fort Leavenworth Police can be reached at 684-2111. Being aware and reporting your concerns can help identify and prevent threats to our national security and local community.
There are some things everyone can do to help prevent terrorism:
1. Be observant and attentive.
2. Remember details about people, places, conversations and vehicles.
3. Report your concerns to authorities -- installation military police, local police, or Army CID Crime Tips: 

Overseas travel briefs

Foreign travel briefing

We provide travel briefs to Garrison personnel and tenant organizations.  The following organizations have their own security personnel available to provide briefings:
15th Military Police Bridge
Army University
Combined Arms Center - Training
Mission Command Center of Excellence
The Research and Analysis Center
U.S. Army Combined Arms Center


See Something Suspicious? Say Something Immediately!

Unmanned aircraft (drones)