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Welcome to the Culinary Outpost Food Truck!

The food truck program is designed to bring fresh, healthy food to Soldiers while they support missions that make it difficult to travel to a dining facility.

The Culinary Outpost Food Truck is available to all installation personnel, including family members.

Payment options are meal card or cash.


Where can you find the Culinary Outpost Food Truck?

The Culinary Outpost Food Truck is back in service! Check the schedule below to see when the Food Truck will be in your area.

Food Truck Schedule

(Click on chart to open it in a separate window.) 

To request the Food Truck to come to your area, see the sample Food Truck Request Memo. Requests may be submitted by emailing a signed memo to

What's cooking?

Outpost Breakfast Menu flyer

Outpost Lunch Menu flyer