The Directorate of Human Resources' Soldier and Family Readiness Division (SFRD) offers resources for Soldiers, families, Reservists, retirees, and DoD civilians. Programs available at the Family Resource Center and the Soldier and Family Readiness Center are designed to enhance quality of life, promote resilience and self-reliance, and provide stability during war and peace.



The Family Resource Center, Bldg. 11042, Mount Belvedere Boulevard, houses the following programs:  


Army Emergency Relief (AER)

Army Emergency Relief offers emergency financial assistance to eligible recipients in the form of an interest-free loan, grant, or combination of the two. AER's Education Program is a secondary mission to help Army Families with the costs of education.

(315) 772-6560

National website:


Army Volunteer Corps (AVC)

The Army Volunteer Corps seeks innovative ideas and processes to improve the quality of life at Fort Drum through the use of volunteer agencies. We offer quality volunteer work experiences in environments where volunteers are appreciated and valued.

(315) 772-2899


Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program is dedicated to Department of the Army civilians, family members and retirees that can effectively assist in the identification and referral of substance abuse concerns, family and marital difficulties, gambling or gaming addictions, financial stress, workplace conflicts and many other issues affecting your well-being at work or home.

(315) 772-2597


Financial Readiness Program (FRP)

Financial Readiness Program provides comprehensive educational and counseling related to personal money matters.

(315) 772-5196


Information & Referral (I&R)

Information and Referral is your source for an array of on- and off-post information designed to assist Soldiers, families, civilians and retirees in meeting their basic needs and improving their quality of life.

(315) 772-6799 or 1-800-826-0886


Mobilization and Deployment Program (Mob/Dep)

Mobilization and Deployment provides professional and timely support to active-duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers and their family members to enhance mission preparedness and self-reliance throughout the deployment cycle.

(315) 772-2848


Outreach Services

Outreach Services brings information into the community to promote Soldier and family well-being and quality of life.

(315) 772-5374


Relocation Readiness Program (RRP)

The Relocation Readiness Program is a comprehensive program designed to help families in the relocation process.

(315) 772-6566 


SHARP (Garrison)  

The Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program provides assistance with sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints.

(315) 774-0158

24/7 hotline: (315) 767-6128

DoD SAFE Helpline: 1-877-995-5247


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The Soldier and Family Readiness Center, Bldg. 10250, 4th Armored Division Drive, houses the following programs: 


ASAP logo 2022.jpgArmy Substance Abuse Program

The Fort Drum Army Substance Abuse Program’s mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army’s total workforce and to enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers. The ASAP vision is to reduce the negative impact of substance abuse at Fort Drum by providing quality prevention education services.

(315) 772-6704


Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)  

The Exceptional Family Member Program helps to provide support and the required care for family members with disabilities and special needs.

(315) 772-5476


Family Advocacy Program (FAP)  

with New Parent Support Program and Victim Advocates

Family Advocacy Program offers a variety of services to strengthen military families through education and activities that promote life skills and cultivate healthy relationships.

(315) 772-5914


Risk Reduction Program (RRP)

The Risk Reduction Program analyzes and furnishes data to supported commanders to mitigate unit high-risk behaviors in an effort to increase Soldier and unit readiness. The RRP coordinator serves as a liaison to assist command teams with obtaining support from appropriate installation agencies.

(315) 772-6705


Suicide Prevention Program (SPP)  

The Suicide Prevention Program works to reduce suicidal behaviors and aims to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding help seeking behavior through awareness and education.

(315) 772-9018


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