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Police Records Section ensure that police-related records and reports are properly stored and disseminated within legal and policy guidlines for LE-related information.  The customer service window for the section will complete local background checks for commanders requirements and facilitates FIOA requests for reports.


Memorandum for All Personnel Requesting Remote Assistance from Police Services

Subject: Guidance on processing all Law Enforcement Requests.           



1.  All form requests and supporting documentation (if required) will be sent to: usarmy.bragg.imcom-atlantic.mbx.police-services@mail.mil


2. In order to send requests certain personnel validations are required based on type of email account you are using. 


  • .mil accounts: no copy of personnel authorization is required to validate your identity. All forms must conatin digital signature.
  • All other email accounts (e.g. Yahoo, Google, Spectrum etc.): must provide a copy of your driver’s license along with your request form in order to validate your identity and process your request.   

***NOTE:  If you are attempting to send in requests from other military unit email accounts (i.e. @soc.mil, Etc.).  PLease be aware that requests are not being received by Law Enforcement Personnel.  Please ensure that you send them via @army.mil.


If you experience issues with any of the forms, you can fill them out in Blue or Black Ink and scan them using the E-mail requirments above.


3. Upon receipt, we will process the request and send it back to the email address provided.

Exception: All Law Enforcement Report requests are forwarded to the Fort Bragg FOIA Office for processing. The FOIA Office will contact the requestor using the information provided in their request.    


4. For questions or clarification please contact one of the following Office of Police Services and Record @ 910-396-6130; 907-4085; 907-4079 for additional information as needed.





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