DPW Service Order Requests


(315) 772-DPW1 [3791]


For all true life, health, and safety issues, please dial 911 immediately. Examples: gas leak, fire, smoke, etc.

For after-hours or emergency service order requests, please call (315) 772-DPW1 (3791).

All non-barracks non-emergency service requests should be submitted (any time) by downloading this form, filling it out, and emailing the request to usarmy.drum.imcom.mbx.dpw-service-orders@mail.mil or

or by downloading the “Recollect Fort Drum (Recycle) App” that can be found on your personal smartphone's version of an App Store.ArMA - Logo Transparent.png

For non-emergency barracks service, requestors will use the Army Maintenance Application (ArMA). This is accessible by computer or smartphone. Barracks residents must register by visiting www.armymaintenance.com. A help sheet is available HERE.


If you require assistance on previously submitted service work, please use the following procedures:

If you live in the barracks, please use the ArMA application.

For all other buildings, please email usarmy.drum.imcom.mbx.dpw-assistance-questions@mail.mil with your demand maintenance order /service order number and detailed issue.

Please do not email asking for assistance unless it is an emergency and/or until the following time has passed: Priority 1 work, after 24 hours of order submission; Priority 2 work, after seven days of submission; and Priority 3 work, after 30 days of submission.