Officials at Fort Drum release
2021 Economic Impact Statement

2021 EIS cover.jpgFORT DRUM, N.Y. – U.S. Army officials say Fort Drum continues to play a significant role in northern New York's economy with a direct impact exceeding $1.5 billion, a 4.6-percent increase over the previous fiscal year.

Since fiscal year 1988, the first year this data was collected, Fort Drum has contributed more than $30 billion to the area economy. This investment, along with the support of the North Country community, has shaped Fort Drum into the Army’s premiere installation for training and mission support.

This detailed review of Fort Drum's economic impact on the tri-county area over the last fiscal year shows that $1,535,710,264 was leveraged in support of the more than 35,000 Soldiers, family members and civilian employees who live and work on the installation. As Fort Drum is the largest single-site employer in northern New York, payrolls for these individuals as well as contractors and retirees made up the largest portion of FY21 economic impact, totaling $1,263,712,184.

Additionally, during FY21 Fort Drum provided training and operations support for more than 14,000 Reservists and National Guardsmen as well as personnel from other federal, state and local agencies.

Area school districts received federal impact aid totaling $33,651,658 in FY21 as they continued to educate and enrich the lives of Fort Drum-affiliated students.

The installation’s strong partnership with the community also can be seen in the efforts of our environmental stewards to identify and improve on sustainability initiatives. Continued recycling efforts in FY21 resulted in 3,837 tons of municipal solid waste and 56,980 tons of construction debris being diverted from local landfills. Additionally, a new initiative resulted in Fort Drum donating 37.25 tons of food in 2021.

The Fort Drum’s 2021 Economic Impact Statement can be read in its entirety here:

(Fort Drum Public Affairs Office)