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The XVIII Airborne Corps Legal Assistance Office will be on half-day schedule or CLOSED on the following days:

Jan 17, 2020 - Corps Training Holiday - CLOSED

Jan 20, 2020 - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - CLOSED

Feb 14, 2020 - Corps Training Holiday - CLOSED

Feb 17, 2020 - President's Day - CLOSED

Closure/hours are subject to change due to mission requirements.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Appointments for all matters are scheduled IN PERSON in the XVIII Airborne Corps Legal Assistance Office (LAO)

Notary and POA services are available on a walk-in basis at all times during LAO's normal hours of operations.

**Please note that LAO is only authorized to notarize military forms and documents.  Any civilain documents can be notarized at ACS located on the 3rd floor**



0900-1150  1300-1600

Scheduled Appoinments, Notary, and POA Services








0900-1150  1300-1600

Scheduled Appointments, Notary, and POA Services










Walk-in-Wills, Notary, and POA Services



1-Deploying Service Members;

2-Active Duty Service Members;           

3-All others


0900-1150 1300-1600

Family Law, Notary, and POA Services

Family Law & Divorce/Separation Briefing at 0900

(All Family Law matter clients must attend briefing in order to be seen/have questions answered by an attorney)




Scheduled Appointments, Notary, and POA Services






Legal Assistance Office

We provide legal services to Fort Bragg & the local military community.
We are located in the Client Services Office in Wing D of the Soldier Support Center, 1st Floor. If you enter the Soldier Support Center through the main doors, turn left at the information desk and go down the hallway. Client Services will be on your left across from Retiree Services.

910-396-0396 / 6113 - Please note that we do not have staff dedicated to answering the phone. Due to staff shortages we ask that you come in on Monday and Tuesday to set up appointments.  We do not schedule appointments over the phone.


MONDAY: 0900-1150 & 1300-1600
TUESDAY: 0900-1150 & 1300-1600
WEDNESDAY: 1300-1600 (Walk-in wills for Active Duty Service Members ONLY)
THURSDAY: 0900-1150 & 1300-1600 (Family Law Only -- Divorce/Separation Brief begins at 0900, this breifing is MANDATORY) 
FRIDAY: 0900-1150

A Military ID is required to schedule an appointment, therefore appoinments cannot be made over the phone.

The office is closed on Federal and XVIII Airborne Corps training holidays. We also close periodically for military training obligations. 

APPOINTMENTS: Appointments are made on the first day of the work week starting at 0900. Appointments are made no more than two week in advance.  Appointments must be made in person to verify eligibility and cannot be scheduled over the phone.

If you are represented by a civilian attorney on any matter for which you are seeking legal assistance, you must get a written waiver or letter of consent BEFORE we can speak to you.

The following cases are handled on an appointment basis, for all active duty personnel, retirees, and their family members:

  • Consumer Law
  • Landlord/Tenant Complaints
  • OER and NCOER Appeals
  • Line of Duty Investigations
  • Wills
  • Identity Theft
  • FLIPL Rebuttals
  • Name Changes
  • Debt Collection/Credit Reporting Problems
  • Unsigned Contracts
  • Memorandums of Reprimand Rebuttals
  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
  • Other IAW Regulations

Legal Assistance Attorneys CANNOT provide advice on the following topics: Military Justice Matters, Civilian Criminal Issues, Private Business Activities (including Landlords), Employment Matters (other than USERRA), or Litigation against the United States.


Please be advised that we schedule appointments two weeks out. Once the schedule is full, we will be unable to take appointments until we see all clients scheduled for the two weeks prior. There are exceptions for circumstances in which the client cannot wait two weeks.

A Military ID is required to schedule an appointment, therefore appoinments cannot be made over the phone. 

-Chief of Legal Assistance


Family Law questions are only answered on Thursdays.  Appointments are not scheduled for Family Law issues.

Clients must attend a mandatory briefing prior to consulting an attorney on all pending divorce/separation issues. The briefing begins at 0900 on Thursday -- clients MUST arrive at the appointed time to in-process before the brief begins.

The Divorce/Separation Brief is limited to the first 25 people and only one spouse may attend the briefing at our office.

We DO NOT prepare, review, or notarize separation agreements.


Walk-in will appointments are available EVERY Wednesday at 1300 for ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS. Services are limited - we prioritize based on deployment. You must arrive at 1300. Wills for family members and retirees are available by appointment only (based on availability). You can print the Will Worksheet prior to your appointment by clicking on the Will Worksheet link.

Walk-in slots are limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no guarantee our attorneys will be able to accommodate seeing all potential walk-in clients.

Advance life directive (living will), health care powers of attorney, and durable powers of attorney are available on a walk-in basis or in conjunction with an appointment.

  • Living wills allow you to make decisions about life support
  • Health care powers of attorney allow you to name a person to make medical decisions for you if you become unable to make decisions for yourself
  • Durable financial powers of attorney allow you to name a person to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated.


Powers of attorney and notarial services are offered on a walk-in basis at any time during buisness hours. General powers of attorney and multiple types of specific powers of attorneys are available.


The Fort Bragg Tax Center is CLOSED.  If you need tax assistance you can contact the legal assistance office to schedule an appointment, 910-396-0396/6113.